asked Jun 10, 2012 at 10:45am
Hp HP LaserJet 1200

hp laserjet 1200 bottom orange light stays on

Hi, all. I have a HP laserjet 1200 that powers up and the bottom little orange light stays on. I picked this printer up from the local thrift store, it would not work for them and they let me have stuff like that to tinker with. I downloaded a user manual and the troubleshooting section does not even mention a code where the bottom orange light stays on but does show one with it blinking. My computer, which runs Linux Fedora 16 with a very recent kernel and has the drivers for this printer recognizes the printer and automatically installed the drivers. But when I submit a page for printing the printer does not respond and when I look at the printer queue nothing is there. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
This printer had an issue with the flat ribbon connector that goes from the formatter to the laser/scanner. If it did not make good contact with all positions at both locations you would get crazy errors. I would first remove the left side cover and look for the ribbon cable going to the top. With the power off unplug it and then reseat it back again. See if that solves the issue. If not remove the top cover and try the other end. Good Luck.
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Thank you, that did the trick. I honestly thought it would not help but it did. I had to remove the top cover and reseat that one too. It printed a test page and then I sent another which it printed successfully. But now I'm having another problem in that it won't print a document properly through LibreOffice, but that's probably a Linux driver issue. Thanks again.
by SharpyWarpy on Jun 22, 2012 at 4:33pm Add comment
I changed to the Gutenprint drivers and now the printer works fine. For the benefit of future readers of this thread I'm using Fedora 16.
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