asked May 22, 2012 at 1:42pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP Laserjet 4100: continuous 51.1.0 + 52.1.0 error


Since a few days, I keep getting errors when trying to print anything. The printer's log says it's 51.1.0 or 52.1.0, but all it says is to powercycle the printer.
The printer would start the job, load a paper, and throws the error message. When I powercycle, it spits out the loaded page (nothing actually printed).

The strange thing is, this happens always for my girlfriend, who works on a laptop, and prints directly to the Jetdirect card (laptop has wireless connection), but most of the time, it prints just fine for me from my PC (wired network connection, I'm not sure it's related...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Both the errors have to do with the laser scanner assy. The 51 covers the laser beam. The 52 covers the scanner motor. Maybe the girlfriend abused the printer at some point and the printer took a dislike to her. Otherwise, the remedy would be to replace the laser scanner assy. It's not that hard a job.
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Thanks! I will look into that!
Could you possibly point out in the picture at http://computer.howstuffworks.com/laser-printer2.htm which part I'd be looking for?
BTW, if my girlfriend prints via my PC (printer shared via both CUPS and Samba), she will have a better chance of the job actually finishing.
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The laser scanner unit on top of the printer. On that model, you have to remove the top cover. 2 screws under the front lid. Pinch the ends of the arm to disengage it from the lid. Open the back and 2 screws at the back of the top. The top will then come off. There's a latch on the front right you need to trip with a pocket screwdriver. There's also a connector that you have to pull off. The scanner unit is the black box at the top. 4 screws holding it in and a couple of connectors.
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