asked May 2, 2012 at 8:42am
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP IIIP HV Power Supply Issue

Per Moe's suggestion I purchased/replaced the high voltage power supply (it was an easy job) to repair printing blank pages. I put it all back together and did a 'print test' - got two nice test pages that looked fine. After the goal-line dance, I then did a 'print font' to just verify all ok and to run the 2nd page print test cleaner through. Well again it's all blank pages!
So Moe could your HV PS be defective, could I run a voltage check of something, could it be the toner cartridge itself, could it be yet another component, or could it.... What's up doc??
That is very unusual. I have no explanation for why it only did 2 pages. Blank pages can only be caused by one of 2 things. No HV or the laser shutter is not opening. There is a fin at the top center of the toner cartridge that pushes the shutter open when you insert it. Since it did the 2 pages and you most likely didn't open the front between jobs, it's unlikely that would be the cause. That brings it back to HV. It's also extremely unlikely that the replacement power supply would fail after 2 pages. The cartridge could be the cause. There is a metal pin that comes out of the left side of the cartridge at the end of the drum. The HV charges the drum through a contact to that pin. That's also unlikely, but it's hard to troubleshoot strange problems like this without having the printer in front of you.
by moe on May 2, 2012 at 11:36am Add comment
Final Analysis - rechecked everything, all OK. Per your recommendation I replaced the cartridge, even though it printed OK - now all is well again. Must be an internal electrical issue with the cartridge.
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