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Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP-4100 Multiple Feed Tray 2


I'm struggling with a very specific problem I'm having with an HP-4100TN. I work for an escrow company that prints checks via the HP-4100 and they have the 2nd tray installed on that printer exclusively for check printing. Everything seems to be working fine through the stack of checks until it gets to the transition of one stack to the next. The last two checks both get pulled through but only one is printed and the other is completely blank. The printer then continues on to the first check in the next stack which wouldn't be too big of a problem except that the checks themselves are numbered and those numbers are referenced in the system.

I've replaced all the feed rollers and the transfer roller that come included with the HP 4100 Maintenance Kit but it's still happening. Anyone have any idea what needs adjusted/replaced/fixed?


I'm not sure I'm getting what you are saying. The way they are numbered is Tray 1 is the MF tray in front of the printer. Tray 2 is the top tray and Tray 3 is the bottom tray. If I'm understanding correctly, you are having problems with Tray 3 since that is the default tray and when it runs out of paper, it switches to Tray 2. This is where I start getting confused. You have the checks in Tray 3 and the last 2 come out stuck together and the one on the bottom is blank. Then it switches to the other tray which also has checks in it even though you stated that Tray 3 is exclusively used for checks. I'm sure all the other techs would be just as confused as I am.
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Sorry, I'll try to be more clear. Tray 2 is the only tray being used for their checks and the problem has nothing to do with feeding from a different tray. They get stacks of checks that come in their own individual boxes and the checks are numbered in sequence and those checks are referenced in their checking system by those numbers. Since they are tracked in this way it causes a big problem when one of the checks doesn't print correctly since the count will be off from that point forward. Enter the problem.

The stacks of checks are only loaded in tray 2 and they make sure that they have the correct numbered check loaded first as well as enough checks to cover the job so that the count remains correct. The issue we're having is that when we go from one stack of checks to the next it feeds the last two checks of that stack through at the same time and prints on only one which throws the count off.

Imagine these stacks come 20 to a box and they need to print 40 checks. They check the number of the first stack and then add the second stack in sequence to the bottom of it and place it in tray 2 and then run the print job. When it gets to the last two checks of that first stack (19 & 20) it feeds them both through at the same time, printing on one and leaving the other blank and then continues with the job screwing up the sequence for the remaining checks.
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From purely a tech viewpoint, that makes absolutely no sense. I can't see how the printer can differentiate between the 2 stacks and stick the 2 bottom checks together every time. Are they putting the 2 stacks together, squaring them up and flexing them back and forth a few times before loading them? That's one thing I could suggest to eliminate any static cling. Another thing I could suggest would be to try Tray 3 and see if it does it from that tray as well. I really don't expect that to work since it seems this isn't a printer problem but some kind of problem with the check stock.
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Yeah, they've fanned the checks quite a bit before putting them into the tray but still no luck. I did switch the trays before I left the office so we'll see. The other thing that makes this incredibly difficult to troubleshoot is we can only really test when we're actually running a batch which is sometimes only once every other week. Sigh.
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