asked Apr 3, 2012 at 2:01am
Hp HP LaserJet 6L

HP6L cartridge not responding

I have been trying to fix the dreaded multiple paper feed - with some success.

Because I wanted to observe the paper feeding, I removed the printer cartridge and performed a self test however I held down the 2 metal contacts (they look like spikes) that presumably feed power to the cartridge, and got an electric shock. Didn't think they would carry power.

I put the cartridge back in and now find the paper is not feeding through the printer cartridge area. I suspect the rollers are not rolling - because if no power.

Would it have been possible that when I got the shock from touching the contacts (that provide power to the cartridge) I shorted out the power to the printer cartridge? Are the circuits so sensitive?

thanks for any advice
This is what happens when someone attempts to repair something with no knowledge of the item and not asking for help before hand. I would think all the electronics are fine and I would just turn the printer off by removing the power cord and plugging back in. If the motors turn and the printer comes to ready with the green light on, it should work. As to the issue with the multi paging it is very common on this series and requires replacement of the separation pad and most times sub pads. This site has a very good kit which should fix the issue if the printer comes to ready.
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