asked Mar 22, 2012 at 3:23am
Epson Epson WorkForce 60

How can i reset inklevel on epson SX445W

I dont print a lot at the moment as i have my printer with me in a campingcar.I fitted new genuin Epson in cartrages about a month ago.
I printer 7 pages in the first two weeks 4 B&W copies not filling the whole page and 3 half page color prints a week later i got a message "ink low" i chose change later

Another week on i get a message that i HAVE to change my ink cartriges and wont print.

At $60 for the four and less than 10 pages printed either its really expensive or wrong

The last color print was perfect no fade or indication an ink cartrage migt be low so it has to be an error

How can i reset the cartrages to continue printing