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Hp HP DeskJet Plus

HP Laserjet 9065mfp thinks it's a 9000


At work we have two HP Laserjet 9065mfp's.

One works sporadically - it will stop and show a 49.5001 error but that's a seperate issue. This is #28. The other will not work except as a copier, and think's it's a 9000. I'm calling this one #27. #27 will go through it's boot cycle, then say 'ERROR' on the control panel. We cannot access the menus on it. From the web interface, it is reporting that it's a 9000 and there is an error about a bad scanner cable in the log.

We tried switching the system DIMM from # 28 (the one with the occasional 49.5001 error). For a little bit #27 worked with this DIMM. Then it just stopped with a 49.5001 error. While it was working we could log in to the web interface, and it looked like a 9065mfp.

So, we ordered a new DIMM for #27. Now, even with the new DIMM, we get the web interface for a 9000 with the bad scanner cable error.

Any idea what's up, or where I should look next? Replacing these is not an option. And we need to get them up and running because it's time for a maintence contract. We need to switch to a new maintence provider because the old one is dropping us, and we can't start a new contract with broken printers. Plus, the lack of printers is starting to take it's toll on business!

Thanks everyone!
You may have a bad formatter assembly. They are pricey. Part number is Q3639-69101.
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Thanks, dmzomputte.

I have a co-worker who thinks that we need to flash the firmware - he's convinced that the printer thinks it's a 9000 because of bad firmware, and won't let the firmware upgrade go because it sees the 9065 firmware, but 'knows' it's a 9000, so it rejects the firmware upgrade. Any opinion on this?

My thought was a formatter as well (that's basically everything in that metal box once you take the plastic access panel off, right? Looks like a small motherboard with a few RAM chips, and plugs into the back of the printer with a plastic plug on it's underside?). Do you know if new ones are available, and where? All I was able to find were used and refurbished ones.
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