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Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP Laserjet IIIp Paper Jam at Entry Feed


My HP Laserjet IIIp is jamming at the entry feed. It is jamming accordion style. It seems like it is jamming before it even reaches the cartridge drum. The drum doesn't seem to spin, or if it does, it is rare. I have already replaced the drum drive assembly clutch using the part from here:

This did not fix the problem. What else should I check or change?
Did you check the actual gear that is on the drum? The gears are glued on and quite often they become loose. To check, hold the toner cartridge in both hands, push the drum shutter away from you and use your thumbs to turn the drum. Your left thumb holds the finer toothed gear stationary and your right thumb is used to turn the coarser gear away from you. If the gear turns but not the drum, then you have a loose gear that must be re-glued. Use a super glue (just several drops are needed) but make sure that the copper points on the gear are not glued. The copper points are a ground and they must be in direct contact with the interior of the drum.
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So you are suggesting it is a problem with the toner cartridge? I am not able to turn the drum at all when holding it. The drum is the green-tinted cylinder, correct? It is very difficult to turn it, and nearly impossible turning it by the gears on the left and right sides. Could the cartridge be the problem?

Also, just to clarify, the drum drive assembly clutch is made up of three white gears. Only the biggest gear should be spinning, correct?
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The drum should be able to be turned by hand. You do want to turn the drum in the correct direction which is why I had you push the drum shutter away from you and then turn the drum with your thumbs. If the drum doesn't turn it is possible that it broke the replacement drum drive assembly or it just doesn't turn due to the fact that you have a defective toner cartridge (the cleaning blade has flipped or it is stuck to the drum which makes turning the drum impossible). When installed, you can only see one gear on the drum drive assembly. That gear should not be able to be turned counter clock wise but will move somewhat in a clock wise rotation with some ratcheting noise. The other test you can do would be to put a small dot on the drum or drum drive gear and have the machine warm up and rotate the drum. Check the dot with a reference point to see if they moved. By the way, when was the last time this machine functioned? Is this a new cartridge? Did this problem show up after you replaced a cartridge or has the printer been idle? To be continued.
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This problem occurred after replacing the toner cartridge. I am on my way home with a new toner now. I will see if this fixes it. The drum should be able to be turned away from me? The dot test failed with the first toner. The drum never turned. Let me try with this new toner in a few minutes and post the results...
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Replaced it with a new toner, problem still occurs.
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Can you describe for me what the drum drive assembly should look like when the printer is operational? The largest gear is turned clockwise by a large black gear for me. The other white gear of the drum drive assembly doesn't move. Is this broken? The dot test is failing for the toner.
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Just so we are on the same page. You must remove the toner cartridge to view the gear for the drum drive assembly which is located on the right side of the printer. You cannot see any other gears associated with the drum drive assembly unless you have the right side of the printer off (orientation is your right as you face the printer). The drum drive gear in the machine is black and that gear should only be able to rotate clockwise just a bit with a ratcheting sound. You should be unable to rotate that gear counter clockwise. Signs of a failed drum drive it that you are able to rotate that gear in either direction.
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The black gear of the clutch assembly does what you describe. It rotates clockwise with clicking from the green piece of plastic, and doesn't rotate counterclockwise. It seems that the paper is going in front of the drum and not being forced to move around it.
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OK, let go back to the beginning. Where is the leading edge of the paper at jam? Do you have the 250 sheet feeder or just the drop down 20 or so page feeder? What happens if you try to "help" the page feed into the printer after being taken up by the feeder? If it still jams, are there any defects in the leading edge of the page?
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The clutch assembly is definitely broken. The outer white gear is not moving when the inner one is moving (looking from the right side). When I push it so the outer one moves, the printer works correctly without jamming, except what it prints is not correct. It is just black streaks with a fingerprint on it. This happens with two different toners.
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Alright then, check with Moe to get the drum drive assembly replaced. The toner is a different issue. Since HP discontinued that cartridge 3+ years ago, you must be buying re-manufactured cartridges. Take those back to your store and see if they have a test machine to check for proper print quality.
Good luck.
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I have already replaced the drum drive assembly once (yesterday) so this really bothers me. The toner seems to be leaking also...
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Well, I don't know what else to tell you. Is there some reason that you are trying to revive this machine? Perhaps you should move on to something else. The only reason that I have been able to quickly respond is that I just had one of those printers given/dropped off and I could look and not try to go from memory on how it operates. Personally, I no longer work on those machines due to the difficulty in finding parts and of course the cost to keep them going. You also could call around to an independent repair store (as I am) in your town and see if anyone there would take a look at the printer. It is difficult to diagnose printers without seeing or hearing what is going on which is why I am now out of ideas.
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