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Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Ran out of solutions reparing Epson SC 3000

After a few days of desperatly wanting to clean my Epson SC 3000 i am affraid i only did worse. So here is what i did:
Please help me! I really have no solution.

I used the solution kit in many diffrent ways. First, i filled some old cartdiges that were empty, with this cleaning solution. I ran a few cleaning cycles. I even printed something. It was better but not as good as expected. It still had errors. Next, I placed instead of the paper a warm, wet but almost dry kitchen tissue and slided the head over. As it was dry, i placed a few drops of the cleaning solution on this tissue and repeted the sliding action over this. Next thing, my black head wont work. It will not charge, it will not fill the damper and so on. I tried to fill manually the damper but it was either sucked out at the cleaning process, or it printed really really bad lines and after taht nothing more. I checked all the tubes. Including the purge tube. I pushed some cleaning solution in the tubes and there was no problem. I tried to make preassure but nothing changed. I tried everything several times but still no results. I was almost convinced that the had was clean, as for the last days it printed ok. Even so.. as i read in many discusions, that the head is always still dirty, and you need to clean it a lot. Meanwhile, the color head was printing pretty good. But, i need the print my booklet for university in black. So i had the service manual, I desambled the cr unit and took the printheads of. They didnt really seem dirty. I pumped now directly into the heads solution. All worked fine, the solution came out on the other side really easy. I repeted this action to be sure all the little holes on the head are free. I assambled the cr unit back. I doubble checked everything from dampers, cabels, tubes, even cartdiges and when i ran the test... nothing was printed. After a cleaning cycle, black head started tho make some lines but really bad. I tought a cable was not installed correctly. I rechecked everything again. and everything looked nice. After deveral cleaning cycles still no line or anything from the colors, as for the black head, he is doing a very ugly job.

Now the dampers wont fill at all, no matter how many cleaning cycles i make. And of course i checked the entire purging system, including tubes and pads.
When i am printing, the cr unit moves as i would be printing, but there is no sign of ink on the Paper from color head.

Could possibly be the fact that the head in not recieving signal??? But then why does it move? And what about the black head that is printing something?
Or could it be the preassure? Do i have to make preassure so that the the pump wont suck air?. (The punp works fine-tested) As i already tried to install preassure in the system while i was having problems only with black head and having no results, i did not repet this.

I really ran out of options, and i really need the printer now.
Hope there is something i did wrong and its fixable.

Thanks for reading! And please help me!
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