asked Jan 25, 2012 at 7:56am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

"50 service" error on laserjet 4

I replaced the fuser, the power supply and now I'll be installing the DC Controller PCA in the next 15 minutes, hope i get this fixed.

however on the service manual theres a note that says

The 50 SERVICE error message can be cleared
immediately by shorting the C202 leads on the
HP LaserJet 4/4M (or the C205 leads on the HP
LaserJet 4 Plus/4M Plus/5/5M/5N) on the DC
Controller. Remove the Formatter PCA to access
the DC Controller as shown in Chapter 6.

alright, how do i "short" the C202 leads? where are they ?

That note is from the official service manual.

This yellow thing was manufactured in 1992 !!
Waiting 10 minutes with the power off does the same thing. A capacitor just needs to discharge. Never had the issue as with the LJ4 the error clears in just a minute or so.
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