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Epson Workforce 600 Black Wont Print

I have the fore mentioned printer and the black wont print. Colors work fine. A while ago I replace the black cartridge and some time later it developed a problem with black printing. I ran several cleanings an got the majority of the black test pattern printing. During all of this cleaning I ran one of the cartridges so low that the printer wouldn't allow anymore cleanings. Anyway I purchased a cleaning kit from this site. I also got some more cartridges so hopefully I could get the black working. I used the cleaning kit as instructed replace the low cartridges. I ran some printer cleaning cycles and now the printer is worse than ever. It only prints a few the the segments of the test pattern.

When I used the cleaning kit there was almost no resistance to the solution going in. It went in as easy as you please. I had read about using too much force so I was careful in that regard. I bought another black cartridge thinking that may be the problem but no joy.

Could there be another problem other than a clogged print head? I'm about ready to dive into disassembling the printer looking for a smoking gun. A little advice on what gun to look for would be helpful. I read about a purge tube that should be somewhere in the assembly the the heads park on. I really don't see anything like that although there not much room to see much.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Well I removed the paper feeder and scanner hoping to find more room to see whats going on inside around the heads. That really didn't help. I did another cleaning with the cleaning solution. I'm going to let it sit a few hours on the paper towel soaked in the cleaning solution that ran through. Again the solution goes through without ANY resistance. I fiddled around with the ribbon cable going to the side of the cartridge carriage.

There is a pair of flexible tubes running from the area under head parking station to the back of the printer. There's a little door on the back that reveals the tubes running into some ports in a big felt padded area. I pushed them in as far they would go into the ports. Does anyone know the function of these tubes. I might put some cleaning solution in the back and blow a little canned air into them towards the parking station.

To get the scanner and paper feed off you need to disconnect some wire/flat ribbon harnesses that connect to circuit boards behind a cover at the connections for the network, USB etc. There is a screw on that same back corner that hold the scanner assy. to a spring load hinge. Once the screw is removed you can tilt the whole assembly up (pulling the harnesses previously disconnected) through an access in the body. After tilting it up so far the other hinge will come off. The other hinge is just a pin on the body that goes through a loop in the scanner assy.
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Well the black now is near 100\%. After a total of two 24+ hour soaks with the cleaner the black in printing. If you count all of the segments in the printers nozzle check you'll get 384 for black and 128 for each of the 3 colors. When this project started, black was printing just 2 out of 384 segments. Presently I'm getting 382 out of 384. I just cant get the last two segments to print. You sure waste a lot of ink running cleaning cycles. I ended up buying some super duper cheap online cartridges trying to get this fixed.

The print-head soaks I did consisted of squirting some cleaner down the port to the head. Then I filled the parking station, for the black, to the brim with cleaning solution. Reinserted the black cartridge and turned the printer on. I let it park the heads over the saturated parking station and waited over 24 hours. After the first soak probably 25\% of the segments printed. I did a cleaning and it seemed like less printed. I did one more soak really thinking it was hopeless. I even bought a new printer. To my surprise after over more than 24 hours the black printed the majority of the segments. Another cleaning and down to just two segments not printing.

During the process I ran the cyan out and now it's got a half dozen segments that don't print. Go figure. I'm still up in the air as to whether I'll keep the new printer. I sure wish the heads could be economically and eaasily replaced on the Epson.

The new printer is a similarly featured HP. I bought it thinking HP's don't have the head issue since they're built into the cartridges right?? Well I realized that this HP has the same system of ink only cartridges and fixed heads. But I also found out it's not as bad as the Epson. The HP has user replaceable heads that ARE economically priced and easily replaced.

Hope my ordeal helps someone fix their Workforce printer that's not printing black.
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Wow punchback, I just inherited the task of dealing with one of these wonders. After losing hope that it was just a lack of purchasing the complete up-to-date set of overpriced Epson cartridges, I moved onto searching the web.

I have heard of this "universal cleaning fluid" after initial browse, and can't say I'm too confident. So after a little digging and fine tuning my search, I came across your lonely heartfelt story. I must say, I have not felt so depressed in quite some time.

Part of me just wants to call it quits right now, but part of me wants to make you feel like a fool.

I will take your knowledge and apply it to a somehow easier and cheaper solution. And I will do this with no background in anything technical... ever.

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If you get poor output from a printer after cleaning or replacing the ink cartridge 99\% of the time the ink purge tube pops off as a result of the ink purge tube end being clogged with congealed ink.

Clear the clogged tube and it will print again.
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Just replaced all the cartridges and now none of them print. The page is almost completely blank,.
Any suggestions.
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My printer is printing just fine at this point and has been for some time. After getting it to the point of about 99\% of the segments in the nozzle test printing... it started to block up again. Somewhere I read about a homemade cleaning solution of 1/3 ammonia, 1/3 91\% isopropyl alcohol, and 1/3 distilled water. I'm sure that's pretty strong but I felt there was nothing to lose at that time. I used it to fill the parking station to the point of overflowing. I just printed something at a high resolution setting and while the heads were away from the parking station I used a syringe to fill the pads up. Watch out, as I found out the hard way, the heads can come back at a high rate of speed. When the heads came back to park I just let them sit overnight.

After sitting overnight I did a few cleanings which sucked out all of the extra cleaning solution from the parking station. Ever since it has been printing without fail.
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I have replaced all carts and the printer keeps giving the message to replace the C....done that 3 times...still wont print even in black...I am getting exhausted!!!nHELP
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