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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Workforce 600 won't print.

My problem started with a paper jam. I cleared the jam but kept getting the paper jam error that required me to turn the printer off. With some research I found that the ink carriage was not returning all the way to the far right like it should. By pushing the carriage in place I was able to clear the paper jam error. Now, my printer will not print at all. The paper feeds and it tries to print but all I get is a blank page. I tried copying with the same result. I have tried the Epson utility to clean the print heads with no joy. It was working just fine until a week ago when I had the paper jam so I don't think it is a driver problem. I am able to send jobs to it from my computer just fine with no errors, so I don't think it is a cable problem. I hope someone has some suggestions for me other than buy a new one. Thanks in advance for your help.
What result do you get when you run a nozzle test?
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I'm having the exact same problem. Help!
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Similar issue with my Epson Workforce 600.

I don't remember how it started. That is I don't remember if there was an actual paper jam. I don't think so.

On power up, I got this message:
"Paper is jammed in the product. Turn off the product, open the scanner unit, and remove the paper. See your documentation."

There was no paper to be found (no scraps or anything) in the scanner unit - or anywhere else that I can see - none in the paper feeder, none in the document feeder, none in the scanner.

The only action it allowed me to take was to power it down and power it back up. It always came up with the same message.

Then I saw your post about the ink carriage not returning all the way to the right. I had previously tried moving it to the left, but that didn't fix it. With your information, I moved it to the right, snapping it into the home position.

Now on power up it seems to run normally - except I need ink. I was just about to buy some when this happened several weeks ago. After getting it running, I ran the nozzle test and cleaning. Poor results. I'm thinking the problem is due to the fact that the print carriage was not in the home position for several weeks leaving the nozzles to dry out or something. When I get the new ink, I should have my answer.

Your tip to push the print head to the right did the trick. Thanks!
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I had the exact same issue as above, which was:
"Paper is jammed in the product. Turn off the product, open the scanner unit, and remove the paper. See your documentation."

The fix from DanH06 worked for me! I just turned off the unit and pushed the print head all the way to the right. It clicked when it was all the way over to the right.

Thanks! - petersmw
pushing the carriage all the way to the right til it clicked also worked for me. Thank you!
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