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Brother Brother MFC 6490CW

Just fixed Brother MFC paper double-feed problem!

This may help someone, I have been trying to feed HP tri-fold paper which is very thick, through my Brother MFC-6490cw, and it double, triple, quadruple feeds, and often jams.

Well I found a cure, you need to apply friction to the sides of the paper stack. I did it by wrapping a couple rubber bands around the paper tray, so it pulls the right and left paper guides tight against the stack. This is inside the paper tray, the rubber bands go around the little adjustable channels that guide the paper.

I have put the rubber bands at the point where the release tab is that allows you to slide the guides wider or thinner, so that it holds that tab depressed and the steady force of the rubber bands can be effective in pulling the two sides against the paper stack. There are probably a bunch of ways to accomplish this, the end result is friction on the right and left edges of the paper. That holds the sheets below the top one, back a little, so the top one can't drag more with it.

Just to see how touchy this was, I put a big heavy #60 rubber band on it and it worked just as well until I got down to the last 10 sheets when it bowed the paper up and then wouldn't feed at all. So I went back to the two rubber bands that are about 1/16" wide and relax into a 2" diameter circle.

So anything between a little pressure and a lot of pressure works fine, as long as that little tab is depressed so it can squeeze from the sides a bit. Good luck...

Can you please attach a picture of what you did with the rubber band?

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