asked Nov 10, 2011 at 8:32am
Hp HP LaserJet 4100TN

Pair of HP 4100TN printers with unusual jams.

Both of these printers are jamming in the rear door, shortly after the fuser. The one on the right needed a maintenance kit, so I replaced it. This printer experienced no jams for nearly a week, but then the issue came back up. Rollers have been replaced on the right printer as well (due to jamming in the trays). I will be replacing the rollers on the left printer soon.

What makes this unusual is that every once in a while the printer prints an extra page. When this occurs, this is when it jams (in the rear door). This even happens when I attempt to print configuration pages / paper path tests. This has me rather confused as to what the culprit might be.

Also, the user now states that sometimes the printer says it is jamming, even if there is no jam in sight. The formatter seems to be a possibility but I do not have enough experience to guarantee that at this point and justify a purchase.

Any insight would be great appreciate. I'm a 6-month printer technician serving a large campus with absolutely no training and this one has me stumped.
Symptoms are of a sticking paper pickup solenoid. You have to disassemble the printer off of the tray. The solenoid is at the front right side of the tray. You have to remove the metal plate on top to access. Scrape off the sticky goo under the metal strike plate and replace with a few layers of electrical tape or my personal preference a thin piece of sticky backed felt.
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