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asked Nov 4, 2011 at 3:43pm
Hp HP DeskJet 1100

HP 1100 laserjet flashing yellow/orange light

We have installed a paper jam repair kit into my HP Laser jet 1100 and are fairly sure we have done it properly but it came without instructions so relied on youtube now the yellow paper jam light keeps flashing and the motor does not start found this problem posted in 2007 but can't access your instructions on how to re-aline the flag, mine points forward I am pasting below your 2007 reply so you understand what flag I am talking about,
can anyone tell me what to do please
many thanks

When you turn on the printer or open and close the toner door with it on, does the motor turn. If not, then the printer thinks there is a paper jam even though there may not be one. Most times the sensor in the front of the fuser assembly in front is in the wrong position. Sometimes it pops out of its holder or the spring pops off. Use a flashlight and shine it in the middle front of the fuser and you will see the black flag. It should be straight up or towards the back. If leaning towards the front of the printer that is your issue. If it is post back and i will give you instructions to get to it rather easily.

Was it the kit from this site or somewhere else? If it was from somewhere else, there's a lot of things that you could have done wrong to mess it up because of the extent of disassembly necessary.
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Thanks for reply it was from somewhere else, did not find this sit until I had problem
Thanks lois
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It has been a very long time since I worked on one of these but if the exit flag is the issue there is a easy way to get to it. If you open the toner door and remove the toner cartridge there will be a output roller which prevents the cover of the fuser from being removed. All you do is remove the white clip on the right side that hold the roller and then move the roller all the way to the right pushing against the side cover and you should be able to remove the left side and lift it out. You then remove the two spring loaded screws that secure the cover over the fuser assembly. You then slide it to one side and it pops up and out. You then have full access to the exit sensor flag which should be straight up against the fuser roller and when you move it away from the roller it should spring back. If it does not just figure out how it should be positioned with the spring to make it go back. Reassemble and hopefully it will work.
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Thank you for you help I am fairly sure it solved the problem, unfortunatly some one had poked with a big screw driver elsewhere and broken off a bit of plastic on the paper feed control so I have invested in new printer though son-in-law may try to get old one running for his own use, I have given him your site to purchase the broken part from
Many thanks if I had found you sooner all would have been OK
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