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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

OT: Used hp color lasers?

Well the guidelines didn't say we couldn't go off topic so I have a question... We have been using HP 4000N's for years and some have in excess of 1 million pages. They run great, need very little repair, rarely jam, and the toner can be had cheap. I've bought a dozen or so used off of ebay for around $60 each and with usually no or little work they are running like new. Now our users are asking for color. Is there a line of hp color lasers that perform like the old 4000 series? I made the mistake of a 2840 which I'm not happy with at all. We also have a massive 4730 that is ok but does weird things all the time such as jam, print quality, etc. AIO's are ok as well. Happy to buy older used stuff that holds up. Don't need the latest bells and whistles. Letter size is all I need. Any recommendations?
Because aftermarket toners for color on hp printers just do not work out well. Most leak or the colors are off. As a tech I love them since I get many service calls to clean up the mess or when they have quality issues to come out and tell them one or more toners has an issue.
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Loved the 4000 series also!
We also had a 2840 and would not recommend it for several reasons

Selling and using newer KM magicolor printers and MFC's in the printshop. Not very many service calls,excellent print quality
great factory phone assistance for 5 years after purchase date.

we really like the MC 4695 for an AIO
and the 4650,4670,5670,7450 grafx printers have been solid both in the printshop and in the field.
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If you want to stay with HP I like the 4600/4650 series. Nice quality and fast. With most hp colors you will want to use hp color toners and not aftermarket.
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We've never bought hp toner. Why do you say that?
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