asked Nov 1, 2011 at 5:33am
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP Laserjet 4100 squek/chirp

We have a HP4100DTN that has started to make a high pitched squeak/chirp when printing from tray 2 or 3.

Does not make the squeak with anything that is printed from tray1(manual feed) or envelope feeder - ever.

Replaced the cartridge and fuser still get the same issue.

The chirp doesn't happen on every page printed. It can do a little as a small chirp to a longer squeak - same noise just a different duration.

I have oiled the transfer roller.

I have oiled the exit roller shaft even though i don't think that can be it since opening the rear output door I still get the squeak

Opened the printer up removed top cover and used compressed air to clean it as much as possible.

Any help is really appreciated. thanks
Check out the metal shaft/spring on the registration roller. I had a similar one and I put a small amount to silicone spray on the left side. Squeak was gone.
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If it were the registration roller, you would hear the noise from the MF tray as well. It's kind of hard to troubleshoot noises by description since people label them differently. I'm thinking that the noises are the typical worn pickup/separation roller noises. I would describe them more of a groaning type sound, but I guess one could call it a squeak or a chirp. You can look at the rollers and if they look smooth rather than rough, they'll cause noise when they're slipping on the paper. Another thing you can do to verify that it is the rollers is to watch them from the back of the tray through the opening. If the noise coincides with the rollers turning, then that would definitely point to them as the source.
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I thought that myself Moe which is why I started looking and then replacing the paper feed assembly but no luck. I did not have any noise either when printing from the manual tray. It was a very elusive squeak. I kept looking for metal on metal which is why I ended up putting some silicone on the left side of the registration assembly as that is the only place that I could see a metal bushing on the metal shaft. I will probably replace the registration assembly if the machine comes back.
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Thanks for the replies. I replaced the pickup roller and still getting it. Seems like later in the day after more printing its worse. It is definitely metal on metal. Going to try to get to the registration roller later today. thanks again
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Forget about the registration roller since as Moe stated it would do it from tray 1. I would lean towards the paper feed assembly which sits behind tray 1. It is used only for trays 2 and 3.
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try removing the separation roller. If it is really worn out it can cause that. Printer will work without the clutch beside the roller
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Thanks again everyone. I ended up spraying lubricant into the spring on the registration roller below/behind manual feed. Squeak gone!
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Yes, that is exactly where I put the silicone spray for the squeak that I had on a 4100. I know that it doesn't make sense as the squeak only happened when printing from tray 2 and not tray 1 but I replaced the feed assembly first and found that the squeak was still there. The registration assembly was the only thing left so a small amount of lubricant under the spring on the left side with the metal bushing and the squeak was gone. Just need time to see if that does the trick or if I will have to replace the registration assembly.
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I think the simple explanation would be that Tray 1 feeds at half speed. The slower speed might account for the lessening of the noise. Good fix Sue. It's something that someone would have had to encountered before in order to be able to diagnose.
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