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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1400

Epson 1400 not printing

I'd given up finding a solution as to why my Epson 1400 no longer prints, so I've ordered a new one. As this old one looks perfectly ok I just thought I'd give you my tale of woe on the off chance someone may know how to get it going again!
It started with a slight break in the cyan, ran a head clean, no difference. Another head clean, no difference, then another, just the same. Used some Magic Bullet, exactly as per video instructions, ran nozzle check, nothing. And I mean nothing. Tried a test print, nothing. Carriage going over the paper, making all correct print noises etc, but no ink going on paper. Called Magic Bullet, not much they could advise. As I'd been using a CIS I re-installed the Epson carts, tried printing, nothing. Back to CIS, primed in case of air ingress, test print, nothing. Uninstalled and re-installed printer and drivers, nothing. Tried printer on another PC, nothing. Contacted Epson, they suggested an Epson service centre. Took it there, they couldn't help. The technician explained that all they're trained to do is keep running head cleans through, 9 of them. I suggested to him it could possibly be a vaccuum issue, maybe air getting in because of a poor seal, he wasn't sure. He only knew how to do standard head cleans, but he did acknowledge that it seemed unlikely to be a print head problem if there was 1 break then after cleaning no ink coming through. So, I've given up and ordered a new one.
Sorry to bore you all, but am I the only person this has happened to?
The ink purge tube has most likely has popped off.
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I had the same problem just today. The problem is that there is Air in the print heads. To fix you printer you just need to make sure there is no air in the print heads. Just inject some cleaning fluid in all 6 print heads (this will help with the vacuum and ink can flow). I hope its not too late and you still have you old the printer.
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Same for me - any fix?

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