asked Oct 17, 2011 at 10:35am
Hp HP LaserJet 2100

HP 2100 TN Issue

I recently took over the IT department for a school and have a HP 2100TN printer that will not print. It was purchased in April 2000, I have looked at the owners manual to reset it. However, anytime it goes to print, it prints the first page then goes to a red blinking light and will not print the following page.

Should I try to fix it or just get a new printer?
Sounds like a sensor flag or pickup roller issue. When the paper feeds into the printer at the registration assembly it press down a sensor flag telling the printer the leading edge has arrived. When the paper passes the sensor the flag lifts up to tell the printer that the paper has passed and it is ready for the next page. If that flag sticks the printer thinks there is a jam at the registration assembly and stops the printing with the attention light. Could also be a pickup roller issue. To test just place a few sheets on the fold down manual feeder in front. Open the paper tray and send a job. See if it still gives the attention light or not. If not, then the pickup roller is worn and needs to be replaced. They have them on this site just click on the kit for the 2100.
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