Mary Walker

asked Oct 15, 2011 at 12:49am
Canon Canon Pixma MP600

Canon MP600 paper not feeding on one side

Hi - my paper has all of a sudden stopped feeding smoothly in to the printer. It seems to grab it on one side and not the other. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks - Mary.
Mary,.. Open the rear turn around and use a flashlight to examine everything you can see. You are looking for anything that may cause a jam, such as a paper clip, staple, bit of string, hair pin, cats toy, small bit of jammed paper. Open the top cover and pull out the power cord and examine the carriage by moving it to the left and then the right and examine the space under neath. Let me know what you find.
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Thanks Trigger, I had a good look but there's nothing there that looks out of place. When I have been observing what is happening, it looks to me as if the paper starts to feed in and then, something on the left (as I look at the printer from the front) gets caught up, so that the right side of the paper keeps feeding through, but the left side doesn't. This is confirmed by the small rip in the paper about a third of the way along from the left where it is trying to feed in. Any other ideas? - Mary. - Mary Walker
Mary,... Since it is catching and tearing on something there must be something stuck or broken in that area of the paper path,..otherwize it would not tear. I have seen many times before this same thing happen. Once a Mother told me her boys were in the room shooting paper clips with rubber bands. When she finally took the covers off of the printer she found one clip jammed between the rear rollers. the clip had fallen into the paper feed path and without knowing it sheet tried to print a sheet and the jam occured. Another person found a push pin that had fallen off the wall into the paper feeder.

So the bad news is that the only way to find and fix the problem is to take the covers off. It may not be anything like a clip but just a broken part or spring out of position.

I am sending you an email and when you reply to that note with your name and printer model I will send you some more information.
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