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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP ColorJet 2840 Maintenance Costs


I am curious about the so-called "total cost of ownership" of an HP ColorJet 2840.

Compared with other printers, how does this particular unit stack up in terms of imaging drum/toner cost? Is it more expensive than other units?

What about using consistently refills and reset chips, replacing the actual cartridge often enough to keep things healthy, and so forth...? Could that keep costs low, and if yes, again, how would these costs stack up against other units under the same circumstances?

Thanks in advance.
I do not care for these 2840's
cartridge size is not big enough, noisy and weak document feeder.

I would try to obtain a KM Magicolor 4690
or a Kyocera Task Alpha MFC which has the lowest TCO of anything out there.
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LOL... yea, it has the lowest TCO because it's, what, like, $10k? Haha....

Okay, if I ever have a particularly successful job, well, I know precisely what printer to get. :)

But in the meantime, okay...
noisy = able to put up with it
weak doc feeder = able to put up with it
small cartridge size = ...ooo. Does that mean I have to buy toner every 3 months for it or something? :/

If I buy refills and so forth would that save very much? How often will I have to replace the drum?

Thanks in advance
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I've had bad experiences with refills on that model. I'm speaking from the repair end of it. I've had to adjust the carousel on quite a few of them due to the refills seizing up. The drums you can just get chips for and keep them going til the print quality degrades.
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Huh, I thought I submitted a reply to this a few days ago... I guess I should've double-checked that it posted.

How do the refills "seize up", and how easy is the carousel to adjust?

I accidentally pushed the little cog the cover rotates as it closes, so I did open the machine up (the side panel on the right) to re-align the axle and reattach the wheel to it (with blu-tack :D), which was rather fun (and I don't mean that sarcastically).

At least for the moment (probably because of this success), I don't find the idea of messing with the unit too overwhelming, so perhaps that's a manageable toll *if cartridge refills are less expensive then those for similar printers in this printer's price range* << (the piece of information I want to know the most)

Thanks for the information so far, and thanks in advance.

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Don't know what causes refills to seize up. They just stop turning and that causes the carousel gear on the right to jump out of alignment. There's instructions on realignment on the forum which basically is removing the cartridges and pulling on the gear and dropping it into alignment. - moe
Oh, well, that's not so hard! Thanks very much for the info.

This "Toner Refill Kits for HP LaserJet Q3960A Q3961A Q3962A Q3963A 2550 2820 2840" appears to be selling for AUD$75.28 on eBay (it says "GBP 14.99" by default - the seller's a bit savvy, I had to select "Color: Set" above Quantity/Price :P), with approx $8 (?) for postage.

This doesn't seem so bad... is this a good average price?

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Considering that most of the people selling remanufactured cartridges for that printer produce ones that seize up, what chance does a neophyte have of doing one properly?
by moe on Oct 31, 2011 at 4:08pm Add comment
Hm, not much.

But I can accept that, provided the breakdowns aren't too catastrophic, and I can fix them with a screwdriver and a not overly ludicrous amount of time. :P

And I find it encouraging that this would seem to be the case!

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After a moment of consideration, I also wanted to know... what decent printer out there has a low TCO? I asked about the Kyocera Taskalfa at a copy shop recently and the guy there agreed that indeed does have a low TCO... because its output quality is through the floor!

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I've had one of these 2840's for a while and I've had good
success refilling cartridges.

The problem with doing this is that eventually the cartridges
bind up and the gears stop turning - causing a grinding sound
in your printer.

You should be able to turn the gears of each printer cartridge
without it binding. If you can't turn it easily by hand it's
time for a new cartridge.

I normally buy a Genuine HP cartidge and then refill it a few
times. Saves tons of money.

The aftermarket cartridges are not an exact fit (there is a piece
missing that lets them swing around according to Youtube and this
can mess up your carousel alignment.

My advice is to buy one Genuine HP cartridge and then refill it
two or three times until it stops working. Will save lots of money.
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