asked Oct 8, 2011 at 2:34pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Laserjet 2840 Help before I throw it!!!

Hello, I have a problem with an HP Laserjet 2840... when I print from the PC the page is printed about 1 inch lower cutting off the bottom print. When I copy from the glass it drops the copy down about an inch also. When I copy from the feeder it is about 1/2 inch off! HELP PLEASE
With the front tray down, feel around near the top of the opening on the left side. You'll feel a little plastic lever. If you push up on it, it will print an engine test page that uses none of the logic board functions. The page should be lines of color. Are they cut off at all?
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Yes Moe on the bottom.... Thanks for your help; it is greatly appreciated... The print is in black and white only and there is only one row. The lines start about a quarter of the way on the page and are about 2 inches wide. Thanks again! - cathyP
What happens if you feed the paper from the front fold down manual tray. In other words do not have paper in the paper cassette and place some paper on the manual feeder and see if it prints ok.
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I believe you are talking about tray #1...When I print from PC it is off about 1/2 inch (cut off at bottom.) When I copy from tray #1 (from glass) about 1 inch off. When I copy from tray #1 (from feeder) off about 1 to 1 1/2 inches. I don't mean to be so picky however, I am a Notary Public and need to copy exact copies. Also, my sons are going to college and high school and the teachers insist on MLA format on all of their reports (1x1x1x1). Thanks Moe
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Does it print color at all, either from the PC or from a copy? The fact that you're not getting any color in the engine test would indicate that.
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Yes Moe, it has excellent color in print, copy, etc.
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The only thing I can think of is the registration sensor is delaying sending to the controller that the paper has arrived. It is possible a build up of paper dust may be causing this. If you remove the drum unit and look straight down there is a piece with a green handle secured by two screws one on each end. If you remove the two screws and play with the piece it will come out. The right side is where it will stick plus be careful of the gear on that piece on the right side as it is not captive and will come off. Once you remove the piece look down and you will see the registration sensor flag in the middle. You need to clean up that area and then use a can of air to blow out the dust from below the flag. Put the piece back on, the right side will again be tricky but it will be easier then removing and see if that helps.
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K I will try it now and let you know...Thanks so much Moe!
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Ok I did it!!! It is better... Off now about 1/4 inch on the bottom now. Any other ways I can improve? You are the best!
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