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Hp HP LaserJet 4

Laser Jet 4+ Jet Direct problem..?

I have an old (but as we know) reliable HP4+. It recently started (after a paper jam) not printing through the NIC (which I think was coincidental to my problem).

I hooked up a printer cable and found it prints just fine as LPT. When I send a job through the network connection it just hangs in the queue.

I can ping the jet direct fine. I've reset the Jet Direct and let it pull another IP. I printed a config page and it in fact pulled a different IP. I can ping the new IP just fine. I've reseated the card. Made no difference. I'm at a loss.

A friend of mine suggested the formatter, but believes the LPT still goes through that so really isn't sure if it could be that board.

This printer was used as a local printer prior to me obtaining it, so it was never used extremely hard. I added the NIC and the family has been using it for several years with NO issues up until now.

I wouldn't mind sinking a little money into it simply because of the reputation of these printers. Any help is appreciated.

Cold reset first - power off 4+ ,press down on-line button while power on 4+ ,when the screen shows Cold reset ,release the botton ,and wait 4+ comes to ready ,wait another more 3 minutes ,press and print the Configuration pages ,check the TCP/IP in the page ,let's say it shows ,from the computer side ,point at 4+ and right click mouse ,left click the bottom one - property ,left click mouse to connected port ,choose config connected port ,check and reinput and confirm.
Now try to print again.

If it fails to print again ,take out the JetDirect card and send it into oven and baked it , let it cool down ,and put it back into 4+.
Now try to print configuration page again and reinput TCP/IP in 4+ property's connect port.

If it fails still, buy another JetDirect card.

If it's not clear enough ,please pardon my poor english i'v tried my best.
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I've reset the the card and let it pull another IP, then reconfigured the port. This made no difference.

I'm not sure what baking it in the oven would do, but if you're saying the card can still pull an IP and still not function properly then maybe I need to try another NIC. They're certainly cheap enough these days.

I appreciate your help

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