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Hp HP LaserJet 4

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Hi Guys, im new on this forum and need a bit of advise, and no one better to ask then you guys. I have been searching for a printer to start printing training manuals and everyone tells me that they have exactly what im looking for but really i feel they just want to make a sale.

Anyway please help me find a printer that would do the following.

1. A printer that is reliable.
2. A printer that is not to slow and at the same time i dont want to hav to spend a fortune for speed, something that is in between. I have time on my side to deliver if it means me saving some bucks.
3. A printer that can print on both sides.
4. I am only printing black & white images.
5. My print volume for the month is not exact, so i would say roughly i will be printing about 50.000 pages on a monthly basis on average.
6. A printer that will give me a good print image.

Not sure if i left anything important out but you guys advice would really help me in making the right choice.

Thank you.
You don't mention if you want new or used. You seem to indicate that you want to do it on the cheap. The last printer that HP made that had relatively few problems was the 4200. The major problems it had were related to the fuser and they fixed that by using metal films in them. IMHO the newer printers got cheaper and more plasticky and they run them way too fast. You can get a used 4200 with duplexer for 2-300 dollars. They run at 35ppm, half that speed if you are duplexing. 1200dpi output.
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