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Hp HP Photosmart C6180

C6180 All in one -- FIXED! (Ink system failures)

I posted about this earlier and received no replies. This is for those of you who may have the same issues.

Symptom: Continual "Ink System Failures" followed by a hex address.

The usual answers are to reset the system. This works for a while, but then continues on to fail and or power off.

Solution: As others have suggested (and as Dave from EEVBLOG says) "Don't just turn it on, take it apart!". DO this. If you need help, you can find a video on youtoob that explains how. You'll need a T-9 Torx to help.

When you take off the logic board, you might be shocked to see bulging capacitors. These are of the famed TAEPO brand... Needless to say, you need to remove them and replace them.

Just replace the logic board and all of the cables (and there are a lot of them, but fortunately they are all different and easy to distinguish).

Power on and be amazed.

Who's filing the lawsuit against HP for such shoddy support?
I took mine apart, and the capacitors don't look like they are damaged.I'm going to replace them anyway. Want in on that lawsuit.
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