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Hp HP DeskJet 1100

Anyone know how to Replace ML-1640 Page Separation

Hi,I have a Samsung ML-1640 Mono Lazer and it has started to feed two pages at a time into the printer intermittently.These jam halfway through the printer,sticking partially out the exit. Previous experience with the HP 1100,5L and 6L lazers has taught me to replace the page separation pad to clear the problem.I have the covers off the ML-1640 and do not see any easy way to get to the Page Separation Pad situated under the Pickup Roller. Can anyone help or know of a site that explains the dismantling procedure.
I have cleaned both the Separation Pad and Pickup roller with "Clean Green' but the problem persists.
here a youtube video to show how to dismantle to the stage where you can replace the roller. you should be able to figure out how to replace the separator after this:
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Thank You very much,your link is very helpful,I am really impressed with joining "fixyourownprinter'
Cheers Dave. - djrproserve