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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LJ8150 margins off 1\\4" on all but first page of print

Have several LJ8100's and LJ8150's that we use quite heavily. One division that relies on one of the 8150's reported that the margins were off about 1\\4" on every page except the first page of a print job. Duplex printed fine on first page and on back of all pages but the margin was off 1\\4" on every page except the first one of a print job. This happened even on the Config page print.
What I tried:
- reseating formatter and all the DIMMS (3 times)
- Cold reset (twice)
- checked a known good formatter from another 8150

same print results.

Thought it could hurt to make sure toner cartridge was clean so I took toner cartridge out and noticed a light blue someting on the end of the registration gear that engages toner cartridge. Turns out someone had yanked a piece of paper out when it jammed and didn't tell anyone about it. The light blue something was a triangular piece of paper about a 1\\8"-1\\4" - removed it; blew area out with canned air and the margins are back to normal.

Hope this helps someone in the future.

The guides in the paper tray are not positioned correctly
the registration assembly is not doing its' job.
one of the paper pass sensors is dirty or bound up.
rarely, a DC control pcb is bad.
possibly the second pass roller is failing.

I would check the paper tray guides first.

If they are correct, I suggest cleaning the paper pass sensors leading up to the reg. assy., along with the registration and second pass rollers.

If you were getting "Z-folded" papers stuck under the toner cartridge (under the metal plate beneath the toner cartridge),
the second pass roller is worn.
This may be at least part of the solution.
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