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Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

Pink printer right before the wedding!

Hi all,

I got given my Epson CX3600 printer from a relative-to-be, I used it a few times & no problems there. Then out of the blue it starts to print everything in pink! This wasted the ink so we bought new ones. Fitted those and the problem hadn't gone. Only after to trying to print one page it said we have low ink again! I can hear the cartridges are full by shaking them.

I'm in the process of soaking them in hot water etc, they don't seem to be blocked in any way as they are bleeding into the water quite easily.

When I try doing a test page or cleaning the heads nothing happens.

I'm a bit lost and have ran out of options, only 2 months until my wedding and really need my printer to work!

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks BB
What you are soaking in hot water are the ink tanks. The actual print heads sit below them. That's what you need to focus on. One thing you should know about Epson printers is that they don't like to sit unused for any extended period. The heads will clog up with dried ink.
Perform a nozzle check which will tell you exactly what colors are having a problem.
Other option is a pink wedding.
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Ok, when I run the nozzle check it just says replace ink!

It says the black isn't empty but still wont let me print using just black.

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Not much you can do if it's not seeing the cartridges. You put a new set in. At the bottom of the tanks, there's a little green chip. That's what the printer reads to tell you whether it's full or empty. Did you pull any tape that was on the new ones that cover it off? Otherwise, the contacts in the printer or the tank could be dirty and not making contact or you bought refilled tanks that had a defective chip or they didn't bother replacing them with new ones when they refilled them. Then you still are facing the problem of clogged/defective heads. Printers are so cheap nowadays, maybe it's best to cut your losses and get another one. I'd stay away from Epsons because of the aforementioned problems of needing to use it regularly to prevent clogging.
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