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Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP CLJ2840 spilling toner

Hi all.

I have a CLJ2840 that is spilling toner - mostly yellow and magenta into the tray below the carousell. There is enough spilled toner in the tray below that the carts. ended up plowing through it! The tray was clean before the refilled carts. were installed. There is a marked difference between left side and right (facing printer front). Left is a lot worse. Is it possible that the cartridges were over filled? I filled them according to directions and then only after they were indicating empty. The carts. ar all genuine HP and have been refilled one time - by me.

Also, the Cyan cart seems to be bound up (I can't turn the gears easily by hand as with the others) . There is also a buzzing sound once in a while while the printer is printing - I assume this is a step motor failing to turn the works inside the stuck cart. Is this cart. a lost cause?

Lastly, before I spend any money on more refills, how many refills of the 2840 carts. is reasonable to expect? What will be the first indication that a cartridge is at end of life?

Thanks to everyone reading this.

First, let me comment that you have to be real careful with refills or remanufactured cartridges on that model. Refilling them yourself is NOT a good idea. Most companies do a bad job on them and they rebuild cartridges for a living.
That being said, seized cartridges will cause the carousel to jump out of time. This generally causes blank print on one side. There's another forum thread that covers a simple way to re-time the carousel without turning a screw. I definitely wouldn't stick the cartridge back in the printer.
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