asked Aug 3, 2011 at 4:05pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Hp Lj 9050 13.3 jams

Im working on a LJ 9050 that comes out with a 13.3 jam right door. This error happens to tray 2,3, and the 2000 sheet tray 4. Fresh maintenance kit was put in a couple months ago and no obstructions in the paper path. Printer has 751000 pages printed and is heavily used.

Printing from tray 4, the paper stops at the 2 white rollers on the right door just before the metal guide curves guiding the paper towards the registration area. Printing from tray 2, the paper stops at the 2 rollers just above the slit where tray 2 feeds the paper up into the printer. Both jams show that the paper was not able to advance past the rollers because the paper started to fold into an accordion. Test printed with tray 1, the first page prints and exits the printer but the image on the paper is shifted to the left side of the paper. Second page jams and ask to check the front door. Second page will be halfway through the fuser. Next page under toner.

Verified that the rubber rollers on the PIU facing the right door was working by tripping the door switch. Reset printer settings to default. Updated the firmware to most current. On the rare occasions it does not jam, the first printed page has the image cut in half as if the paper was to slow to catch the first half of the print. I havn't seen this before in any printer where all trays are jamming. It seems to be a PIU issue but want to be sure. My gut feeling says solenoid but all 4 at the same time? Anyone has any thoughts?
Have not worked on one in a while but the fact that it jams from 1, 2,3 and 4 would sort of rule out piu since tray 4 has its own feeding mech and tray 1 does not use the piu. Have you looked at the registration assembly as that would be common to all trays to include tray 1.
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Thanks for replying. Yes, I have look at the registration and seems to be ok. Nothing in that area that would cause the jam or slow the paper down. The paper doesn't even go through the registration when it jams. This problem got me stumped.
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