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Epson Artisan 800 Blinking Menu

I went to use my Epson Artisan 800 today and it was totally out of ink. So, I replaced all the ink cartridges and when I started it up, now the entire menu is blinking and it says "An error has occurred. Turn off the power, wait a few seconds, and turn on the power. For details, see your documentation." So, I turn the unit off... wait a few seconds... and the same. I can not get out of this loop.

I removed one of the cartridges and the printer detects this and it waits for me to replace the cartridge. After replacing it, it gives me the blinking menu again.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have had the same issue. This was the third Artisan 800 Epson had sent me since 4/2009. They told me it was out of warrenty and offered me a replacement through the Epson Special Customer site for 239.00. I asked why when I can get the same printer from Amazon for 139.00?
Anyway, I am interested to hear about a fix since I have lots of ink for the 800.
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I have the same problem. Looking for solution
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I actually managed to fix the error, and I literally have found ZERO websites that have the answer.

The problem is the printer cannot "self check", the reason it can't self check is that the printer is banging in to the cd tray and it can't move the arm that does the printing (I'm fairly sure that isn't the technical term...)

Ok, here is how to fix it:

1) Un-Plug your printer.

2) Open up the main printer unit, as if you were going to change the ink.

3) To the left of where the ink is you will see a "window" IN that window parts of the CD tray are probably sticking out. I know Epson says don't do this, but stick your finger in there and push the CD tray back as far as you can, you can push it so it isn't visible and behind the rollers.

4) Close the top of your printer, plug it back in, and power on. Your printer will be able to fire back on AND run through the self check. It will then be working just fine.

Let me say I have no idea if your CD TRAY will still work, so you can try that yourself as I don't use the CD tray for anything.

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I have this problem also, but I cannot find a CD tray in my Artisan 800. I see the CD ejection button on on control panel, but nothing happens when I press it.

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I see my CD tray now. It is in the right position, but I still have the problem described above.

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I have this same problem. CD tray in its proper placement

by Chipmunkcars on Jan 6, 2017 at 10:02am Add comment

I have been looking for the answer to the Epson error problem.

No body has got it right.

I just did.

Clean the encoder strip.

I used Windex and a soft towel.


Printer is back up and working perfect.

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