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Hp HP OfficeJet 6310

hp 6310 all-in-one black cartridge

For the last two years I have been using aftermarket cartridges from Cartridge World with no problems. The last three black cartridges (HP#98 refills) have generated an error message. The message is "Cartridge Error: Cartridge on right must be replaced."

What doesn't work:
1) remove/reinstall cartridge
2) clean contacts on cartridge
3) clean contacts on printer

The first two cartridges would not work from the very beginning and were replaced free of charge. The third (present) cartridge has printed about twenty pages and now generates the error message, I am unable to access setup to generate a print report.

Is my problem in the printer or with the aftermarket cartridges? (It seems bizarre to condemn replacement cartridges which have given two years of reliable service. --- about fifteen cartridges.) What troubleshooting can you suggest?

Thank you for your response,
My HP 6310 began sending the following error messages yesterday: Cartridge error: Cartridge on right must be changed.

And: Cartridge error: Cartridge not intended for this printer. I am using the required HP98 black, as I have for years, and suddenly, the error messages, and the printer will not print at all. There must be some sort of factory reset button or code to undo the problem, but I haven't a clue what/where.

I'd sure appreciate any help before I head out to buy a new printer.


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I have this same issue...I've used many refurbished cartridges with no problems and now I can only print a couple of weeks before I receive the error messages Cartridge error: Cartridge on right must be changed And: Cartridge error: Cartridge not intended for this printer. I have also tried carefully cleaning contacts on the cartridges and printer with no luck. Any help is appreciated.
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I don't know I am just using new printer back that time work verygood after change cartridges buy from amazon and is not work so please send me new one. so my printer is works again.I bought Manufactured cartridge Black buy two get 1 free.
I don't have any thing but you find for my back records.
Please help my and send me cartridge so printer make work.
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This is not a permanent solution, just a "bypass" solution.

I use it because I know my cartridges are not empty and because I haven't found any other way to bypass that error message (my printer won't print or do anything at all as long as that message appears on the printers screen).

1) Press "4" and "OK" buttons together.

"Info menu R0602F" should appear on the printer screen.

2) Press "left arrow" button, five (5) times.

"supply level of ink (LOI)" should appear on the printer screen.

3) Press "OK" button.

Info for your "color" cartridge should appear.

At this point the "!" indication led stops flashing and the printer will print normally.

If a print job is pending, it will start immediately.

4) Press "X" button twice to return to the main printer screen (displaying date and time)

I hope this helps.

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Re: HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One - "Cartridge Error: Cartridge on right must be replaced." (a Black remanufactured HP339)

Thanks for the advice ne33us. I followed your instructions 1 to 4 to reset and am now able to print following a reset each time that I wish to print. The text was a little faint but at least it works until I can replace the cartridge. Prior to this I was not able to print using my authorised HP colour cartridge (Left hand cartridge) either as all printing was blocked until I could clear the error message.

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