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Epson Epson Stylus Color 1520

Epson 1520 paper run Color stripes

My old epson 1520 quit printing black.... Tried all kinds od stuff to get the nozzles cleared but had little luck. Had another 1520 that I bought but it was banged up in shipping (carriage jammed and broken). Thought, WHAT HAVE I TO LOOSE so,,,, took the heads off of the banged up one and put them on the one with no black. NOW,
seems I have several adjustment I need to make that I haven't tried to make yet but I have a couple of problems... YES surprise!! it actually prints something. I am using continuous forms (9.5X11)and the tractor feed.
------- PROBLEM 1:When it loads the forms it no longer seeks (goes back and forth) the edge of the paper for alignment.------------------------Knobs are in right position. ------------
Problem 2:When I print the test pattern (nozzle check) it prints 3/8 inch wide stripes of Green, Blue and Yellow on top of the test pattern. ------------------------------------------
PROBLEM 3:After it prints the nozzle check it runs out 4 pages of forms before it stops............... Printing the self test page soaks the paper with yellow on left green center and blue right over the top of the black.

What did I screw up? Everything?
Don [email protected]
UPDATE---The printer works if I switch to sheets and use sheets.
I believe the paper problem has something to do with whatever the lever on the knob triggers..... Still feeds 3 extra sheets on page break for continuous forms.
BLACK prints perfectly WITH THE COLOR CARTRIDGE REMOVED.(No color ink out light on)..????
I did clear a jam. I'll check the jam switch etc.
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Another UPDATE---FIXED THE PAPER PROBLEM... The plug on the little switch directly under the platen knob (left hand end)was not plugged in good. That fixed the tractor feed and paper register problem. NOW it calls for the color ink.

That appears to be my final problem....It appears that the yellow and blue ink jets are just dumping ink over each printed pattern
when I print the nozzle check pattern. Black is perfect.
I can vaguely see the red pattern through the resulting green on
top of it... What do you think might cause this problem?
Any help appreciated.

PS I cleaned the black head with Awesome Window Cleaner from Dollar Tree. (Isopropanol + ammonia)
Squirted some in the nozzle with a syringe and plastic tube.
Let it sit for 1 hour. Inserted the cartridge and cleaned the black head about 4 times. Perfect pattern prints.
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UPDATE....Still talkin to myself here....
No replies or help from anyone yet....
That's OK.... I just fixed it myself...
Prints perfectly now..100\%.. If anyone wants to know what caused my problems and how I fixed them. You'll just have to ask. :-))
Thanks anyway, Don [email protected]

Guess I won't be talkin to myself anymore unless I decide to tackle
my other printer that has the dreaded fatal error blinking paper out and pause...
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