asked Jun 14, 2011 at 8:57am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

EPSON (BX600FW) )WorkForce 600 Ink not recognized

EPSON WorkForce 600/ AKA Stylus OFFICE TX600FW/ Stylus OFFICE BX600FW/ Stylus SX600FW/ ME OFFICE 700FW

ROM Version MA1487

I have been given by my friend Epsom BX600FW. However the printer has had some problems and did not print showing constantly paper jam which I’ve managed to fix.

The printer has been given to me without cartridges and it sat like that for a while in my friend’s storage. I was aware that without cartridges ink probably thickened so I have flushed the heads with IPA and everything seemed to be clean. I bought replacement cartridges (non Epson) and installed them.

Recognized and charged wit no problem. Tried to print and error message came up saying that there is a printer error and that I should refer to the documentation.

Restarted and error comes again and again. Then it became Ink not recognized error.

So currently printer does not recognize the inks. It can recognize presence of cartridges and asks to install missing ones, then after the last one is inserted the error comes up again. Also tried to initiate the ink replacement procedure via PC but it gets to the point where it says that cartridges are not supported by this printer and I have choice to either replace or cancel…

I am desperate to get this printer running so I have spent last £60 quid on genuine Epsom cartridges (T100x) just to find out that error is still present as it was before. Cleaned contacts on cartridges as well as on on CSIC. Also inspected CSIC board for damage. Cleaned and reconnected FFC. No luck so far. I really need to get this printer running can you help?

Many Thanks