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Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP OfficeJet G85 is still alive and kickin' but...

i have searched the forum (almost 9 years of posts) and a lot of the suggestions have helped me clear up many of my issues. so thanks to BERT and DocTuh! (so far, $0 - all repairs i've been able to do myself). even found a 4"x6" invitation that had been stuck inside (without causing any issue) since 2001!!

SCAN is great;
FAX is great;
COPY & PRINT are great (if only 1 page is required)

if i need to copy multiple pages or print multiple pages, the first page is not "dropping." this will then get tangled up with page two and wrinkle both pages and cause ink blots, on some occasions.

i don't know what a page kicker looks like, so i'm not sure if that is my problem or not.

any suggestions?
Look below the metal carriage rod. You'll see the 4 gray rubber rollers. In between each of them there should be a thin piece of black plastic about 3/4 inch long. These are the kickers. When the page reaches the end, they pop up and kick the paper out. Needless to say, they break real easy. They're not very easy to replace, requiring quite a bit of disassembly. If they are broken, I think I have new replacement kicker bars.
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thanks for the prompt response. unfortunately, the notification email was never forwarded to my phone, so i missed your solution.

is the metal carriage rod accessible from the front panel (same place i access the ink cartridges to replace) or from the back panel (where i would normally clear out a paper jam)?

until i hear from you, i will poke around (carefully) and see what's under the hood.

thanks, again, for your help!
- unknown
I have had my G85 for years without a single problem.

My ink cartridge ran out of ink. I replaced it with a new out of the sealed carton ink cartridge. Installed new cartridge. Printer resumed printing late one night without a single problem--15 pages. The next morning I tried to print--nothing. No ink seemed to be coming out of the ink cartridge despite the fact that on the first print it printed 15 pages just fine.

I decided I had a bad cartridge, so I went to the store and bought a new one. I put it in. It printed the first 2 or 3 pages fine. I left the printer for a few hours came back. AGAIN, the printer printed, but no ink made its way onto the page. I cleaned the head on both of the cartridges. One of them worked for one print, but when I came back AGain no ink making its way to the page.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem in light of the fact that both NEW cartridges initally printed, but then on a second print after an interval of time, neither cartridge would work. I've had this printer for years and NEVER had anything like this.
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You should check the date on the cartridge boxes. They could be expired for years. Try taking the cartridges out and dunking the very bottoms in extremely hot water. Blot dry and try again.
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i agree with moe on both counts. sometimes those cartridges can stay on shelves forever. also, the ink that's used on this model (from what i hear) isn't used by many other functioning models still ticking. technology being obsolete... new concept, eh? lol :)

the hot water trick has worked for me in the past as well. i have only found this necessary when purchasing ink online, though. not really had a problem when purchased from Staples or SamsClub.

hope you got it all sorted out! - unknown
I thought metal carriage rod was easily understood as the rod the cartridge carriage assy. slides back and forth on. My description of the paper kickers also would indicate that they would be located at the front where they "kick" the paper out.
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ok, ok... cool ur jets! lol ;)

i figured that's the area you meant. i just wanted to be sure before i messed with it. the printer is in a "bad spot to get to" and i've been recovering from a back injury, slower than expected. and if i need to lift that GIGANTOR thing, to get to the rear, i was going to wait for hubby to lift it. for some reason, my mom's 2 printers TOGETHER are lighter than this thing. i'm just grateful that it's not as heavy as my HP LaserJet 4050n. that thing weighs more than i do!

thanks again for your help, moe! i do appreciate you. :-)
have a great day!
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well, moe...

it appears that your assessment was right on the money. of the 3 kickers, only the one on the far right is still intact. you said that you have a replacement kicker? how much would you want for it? i'm not afraid to get my hands a little dirty and take this puppy apart. is it pretty straightforward once you unscrew the bottom of the printer? or will replacing it be a hassle?
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