asked Jun 9, 2011 at 9:57am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Fixed my HP LaserJet 3360 WITHOUT Disassembly

Thanks to a post by sdee left on this www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/laser/38169 on (11/17/08 11:04 PM) I fixed that annoying grinding sound that I have tolerated for more than two (2) years and am delighted. The solution was clear and concise. Some miracle that providence guided me down to page 14 of 24 because in retrospect there were some really scary inappropriate posts bad mouthing HP, people having tantrums about going Japanese or throwing their printer out the 10th story window (some really sage advice if you want to fix just about anything eh?!) Once again my faith in Hewlett Packard to be the leader in manufacturing very economical, highly functioning, long lasting products is restored.

1) The problem is most definitively dirt/dust on the scanning mirror. This is fixed by accessing the mirror(s) through positioning the scanning unit to the left end of the glass surface directly under the small glass unit to the left (1 screw!!)
2) Use a 6" cotton swab to clean the full 8-9 inch length of the mirror and you will inevitably find a black residue on the swab.
3) Also, I used my intuition to add a step by blowing out the unit with "Clean Aire" which comes in a pressurized can with a 4 inch straw.

You may notice a real distinct musty smell from this stagnant dust trapped in that space. When you do you may well agree that you are getting at the true problem and the real cause of your headaches for all that time.

Thanks for all of those people before me to contributed to the greater collective consciousness to the benefit of all of us. You saved us a few hundred dollars, and kept us from adding to that heap of e-waste mountain.