asked Sep 7, 2000 at 4:46pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LaserJet 5L problem/'noise'

Our printer has been used for about 4 years and seems to have developed a clicking/snapping noise coming from the left side of it. (as one faces it)

We've gone thru about 5 or 6 toner cart. over its lifetime and KNOW it needs serviced!

Any suggestions? As an exmainframe maintance engineer, I'm not afraid to tackle anything, but,
need a bit of guidance/directions.

Would appreciate any hints/advice.

Dean Spire

I've never heard that in a 5L before. The left side is where the gear train is. All plastic gears. I suspect one of them may have cracked. You'd have to take the cover off to access them. Then you defeat the door interlock switch on top so you can watch them run.
by moe on Sep 7, 2000 at 9:38pm Add comment