asked May 29, 2011 at 6:40pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP LJ4100 -- lots of noise printing -- throw away?

I have a HP LaserJet 4100 that makes lots of noise when I print. The toner cartridge is new and the prior toner cartridge had the same results. I think it is something other than the toner cartridge that is causing the noise. It has never been serviced and I am the original owner. Should I take it in to the shop and get some kind of a kit and hope for the best, or should I just buy a new printer? Thanks for the advice.
You really don't give much information for us to be able to render a diagnosis. I've never really heard any 4100s make any kind of noise, so it's not something that is common. The worst noise I've heard is a worn pickup roller making a weak groaning noise whenever it picks up. I wouldn't consider that "lots of noise". Diagnosing a noise over the internet is like a blind person judging a beauty contest.
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does the noise happen when you open and close the cover, or when you are printing.
also check if the noise occurs when printing from tray 1
these checks may help to isolate the fault.
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When I print from the hand feeder with the drop down tray for envelopes and individual sheets, I don't hear the noise. However, I do hear the noise when printing using the paper tray number 1. And the "weak groaning noise" is accurate -- it is embarrassing when printing documents for clients in my office. It gets worse as I print more pages -- the first couple of pages are not so bad -- longer documents increases the noise. Is a worn pickup roller something that I can fix myself? Is there another test I can do to make certain that is the issue before I buy the parts? Also, where is the best place to buy the parts? Thanks.
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Worn roller yes, but the bigger cause I've found is the torque limit clutch. When it is too tight it makes a "weak groaning noise". The clutch is in the paper tray to the right of the grey roller. This grey roller pushes the paper back into the tray. It keeps sheets 2,3 4 etc from feeding with sheet 1. The only sheet you want. As the torque limit wears it gets stronger and even sheet # 1 has trouble getting outof the tray so it "farts" or emits a weak groaning noise. The torque limiter is full of iron filings and a magnet, it gets magnetized with age . So if you empty some of the filings out you will make it quiet again.
A cover to the left of the grey roller pops up and the roller and limiter both slide off. If you have finger nails or a sharp edge you can pry the limiter apart and pinch some of the filings off. I've been doing this for about ten years but then I'm just a -- schooltech
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Easy way of popping the clutch apart is to take the long end and put it agains t a firm surface. Holding the clutch part in your fingers push down firmly and it separates. Usually if the rollers are responsible, they take on a shiny appearance. There is one in the front part of tray and one above it in the printer. Replacement kit here
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Thank you everyone for the help. I just purchased the K81 kit, and will look at both potential possible causes when I learn how to open the machine -- I thought I would only open the machine once since the replacement kit is cheap enough as compared with a new printer. I'll post a follow-up after the kit arrives and after I attempt the repair.
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