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Epson Epson Artisan 810

Epson Artisan 810 cleaning

I bought the Printer Repair Kit for my R340 and didn't need to use it.

I now have a Artisan 810 which is over a year old.
I just started using refillable ink when the Inkpad warning popped up.
Bought the new inkpad, reset the counter and now it won't print any color.

Asked for 810 instructions and didn't get a reply nor is there actually a 'kit' for any Artisan.

Do I just run the solvent through the ink tubes that run from the ink carts. to the print head or just do the soaked coffee filter under the print head trick?
The cleaning process is the same. There is nothing special about that model or newer models that would warrant a new kit just for that model. The only differences between Artisan and older models is that it uses a CIS style ink system.

You still remove the ink cartridges, You still inject the cleaning solution into the print head. There isn't a foam pad but it still has a cap assembly that you put a little cleaning solution on. You still put a paper towel under the print head. You still run a cleaning cycle to re prime the print head with ink.

You may use more cleaning solution due to the ink system. But there really is nothing special about the Artisan model printers.
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The cis style is what worried me.

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Does anyone know how to clean pick-up roller on Artisan 810
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Back roller: if you look in the paper tray you will see a small square. Clean that with a damp q-tip.

Rollers inside printer with ink on them: Take a sheet of paper and spray the middle section with water. You only want the paper to be damp. Then run the paper through the printer. The damp mid section of paper will pick up the ink.
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Which print head cleaning kit should I buy for the Artisan 810?
If the print head is not worth cleaning can it be replaced; if so,
where can you buy one?

Any answers to these question will be greatly appreciated.. I have reached my limit and lost ALL respect for Epson's Support system.. or more appropriately "lack of".

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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The Epson Artisan 810 is piece of junk. My new one broke, and Epson "kindly" replaced it with a refurbished one that hasn't printed black correctly for months. Get rid of it is my advice!

I hope Epson reads this. They need to.
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i Have used the Epson Ink Pad Reset Utility a lot of times and now after doing so the printer automatically displays the message if i try to print something it shows it again. can u tell me what to do?
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