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Hp HP LaserJet 2100

P4015n GE issued warning 75

I have not seen the problem, but another Tech called me asking for information, this is the second P4015 call he has had for this symptom.

I have the first machine here in a box waiting for me to look at it, where I work the other Tech's generally replace the whole machine and bring me the broken printers to fix.

Online searches indicate this could be a driver problem, but the customer is using a couple of hundred of these printers all on the same driver, (LaserJet 2100), and only has had problems at one location.

The printers are attached to JetDirect 500x Print Servers through an add on HP EIO Parallel Card. They were set up that way so the old LaserJet 2100 and 2200 printers they were using could be replaced without making configuration changes.

The Firmware Version on all this customers P4015 printers is: 04.070.7
Today I'm working on a P4015n attached via an HP EIO Parallel Port to an External JetDirect. (Parallel cable is IEEE1284 rated, six feet long)

Symptom is when a windows test page is sent the printer stops with Data Received displayed on the panel.

Swapping in a different Formatter resolves the issue... but if I print from a parallel port on a PC to the same printer using the "bad" Formatter it works fine.

The original version of the Firmware on the Formatter was 4.070.7, it has been upgraded to 4.120.1 and still has the same symptom.

The JetDirect is running Firmware version J.08.60, not current, but close.

I suspect a timing problem between the JetDirect and the Formatter, but I also suspect that HP does not support a P4015n running on an External JetDirect.
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One of the most frustrating things about parallel has always been that voltages are commonly out of spec. Some capacitor on the formatter related to the parallel might be a little too close to the edge of the manufacturing tolerance, putting this one over the edge.

Conversely, Parallel ports on PC's are manufactured to tighter tolerances and with better isolated circuits as a voltage issue could crash or damage the whole machine.

I would think that replacing the external 500x with an internal (still swap-able) EIO card would alleviate the issue as well. But if you were able to replicate the issue by swapping formatters, and then isolate it to the formatter, under a care-pack it sounds like you're done right? If HP put the Parallel port on it, they can't very well complain about it not working with other HP hardware. Just save yourself the headache and leave out the part about it working with the PC. - tcholmes

I had a 4015 that showed formatter problems.
But the customer decided to replace it instead of repair.
They have not shown a high mental usage at this site.

I was going to try baking the formatter but did not get a chance.
Maybe you can give it a try on this formatter.

Rob S
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They are all covered under HP Care Packs, so no baking.

Side note, if baking does not work then the baked part will no longer be usable as a core as it will now be non-repairable.

I have ordered a formatter, but since I might get a used/repaired one from HP I'm not certain if it will work. Note that all of the customers printers worked when installed and for months thereafter, but about ten have recently developed printing problems, (ten out of over 200).

I have lots of spare units and also maintain many other parts of that customers equpment so the printers have been being put aside, now I am starting to anylyze and repair the failures.
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Enough said.

Rob S - Rob S
Enough said.

Rob S - Rob S
I did bake a 4015 formatter once. Don't remember why. It did fix the problem though.
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I can't replace the 500x with an internal card since the customer has two printers attached to the 500x.

They hope to phase out the second printer and then switch to direct network connection for the P4015n, but that is probably still at least six months from happening.

And the Parallel Port has been eliminated as the cause, it is an HP add on EIO card, and the failing formatter shows problems with a card from a working printer.
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