Cowman Chris

asked Apr 26, 2011 at 10:50pm
Hp HP Photosmart C4780

Persistent Carriage Jam HP PhotoSmart C4780

my hp photosmart c4780 all in one printer is giving a carriage jam error. I followed all the instructions to clear, but problem persists. How can I fix?
I just had the same problem today after clearing a paper jam. It appears to be a common issue/design flaw and has been posted several times on HP's support website but to my surprise, there has been no response from HP and neither does there seem to be a solution here. The problem appears to be the tiny black lever at the right end of the carriage. It appears to have misaligned itself after I cleared the paper jam, and now does not allow the carriage to move freely on its axis.

Called HP and the best they could offer me since my printer is out of warranty was an upgrade to a 6520 for $79.99 (+$1 for additional year of warranty). Noted the problem I had but no solution provided.
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