asked Apr 25, 2011 at 6:57pm
Hp HP Color LaserJet 2840

HP Color LaserJet 2840 - is there a self test?

Hi, all,

On our (MUCH) older HP printers there was always a diagnostic "self test" accessible from the menus on the computer. Is there anything similar for the 2840? I'm trying to diagnose a printing problem that I've posted about today in another thread. I have gone through the menus on the 2840 and can't find anything like a self test. (For details on the problem I am trying to diagnose see thread entitled, "HP Color LaserJet 2840 won't print".)


Press MENU .
Use the < or > arrow button until Reports appears in the disply, then press ENTER .
Use the < or > arrow button until Config report appears in the display, then press ENTER . The printer will then print the Config report.
by moe on Apr 25, 2011 at 9:54pm Add comment
Thank you for your reply. I saw that in the menus but it didn't seem like a diagnostic test - will it show me if something is not working properly? Unfortunately I don't have a config report from yesterday when everything was working correctly so I have nothing to compare it to. - FrancaV