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Kodak Kodak ESP 3250

Kodak ESP3250 Low Ink Warning - Over ride ??

I recently had a very unproductive E-mail exchange with Kodak in regards to their printers default behavior to disable my printer as soon a low ink notification shows up.

Any chance anyone knows how they monitor the ink level in the ESP series (3250), or even more importantly, how to override it, so I can continue to print until the cartridge is actually empty?
Since posting these inquiries, I have found two answers.

Resetting the cartridge counter [if one has a defective chip or a manually refilled cartridge]: POSSIBLE

1) Look for the chip on one corner of the cartridge
2) Notice a black line dividing the chip. Apparently,it is a circuit that carries the count of pages printed to a counter.
3) Using an exacto knife - of a sharp pointed knife - cut the line. The instructions I read were to 'insert the blade under the line." I couldn't do that, so I just scraped the line with the point of a knife until there was a visible gap.
NOTE: I had to do it in daylight; you may have better eyes.
4) Put in the cartridge and turn off the machine, for at least five seconds.
5) When you turn on the machine, the status graphic for the cartridge shows full.
6) Print until the colors begin to be faded or unbalanced, and then replace - or refill - the cartridge
7) CAUTION: Since there is no longer an operable counter controlling the printer, it is possible to run completely out of ink, which could damage the printer. Of course, it should be obvious [see point #6, above] long before that point.
8) FINAL OBSERVATION: Refilling cartridges is straightforward, but it is easy to spill the ink. Wear the plastic glove provided with the ink bottles. Make sure you have enough newspapers to absorb such spills.

Installing a UISS [Universal Ink Supply System]. NOT POSSIBLE

1) The physical design of the printer leaves almost no clearance above the cartridge. Consequently, the flexible tubing from external ink supplies has no room to move, above the print heads.
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thank you so much I read your message I tried it and it worked I have to print paperwork for my job constantly you helped so much you deserve a metal! - ambernoel66
This worked. Thank you so much I could kiss you. I'm with ambernoel66, you deserve a medal. :) - jc13jach
I see very little conversation in regards to the newer Kodak printers (ESP series). Are these things that secretive that no one has yet to figure out how to over ride the low ink warning?
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One more update......

As a completely unsatisfied customer, and being so displeased with the answers I received from the customer service department as well as from Judith Goonan (Director of Customer Relations), I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Seems Kodak uses a very standard E-mail format of [email protected] This format also works for other Kodak employees, including their Executives:

I followed up with each and every Executive via E-mail, and am finally getting some attention on this situation and have the wheels in motion to getting some answers.

If you are having poor success with the Kodak customer service channels, I highly recommend this technique to get some answers. Perhaps flooding the Executives with unanswered complaints and demanding some changes will put the wheels of change in motion a bit quicker than standard customer service channels allow.

to be continued......

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I also just recently discovered that I am unable to scan a document when I have an ink cartridge displayed as empty. It keeps getting better, lol. I'm not trying to scan and print, just scan and save a .pdf file to my hard drive, and apparently an empty cartridge prevents this also......
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Having the same problems, please help!

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Same problem here too - VERY frustrating!

I guess it won't scan, because if you can't print it using their ink, then why scan it at all? lol
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I have a Kodak ESP 7250. The problem is just Kodak's definition of 'feature.' You can't print Black with a full Black cartridge but an empty Color cartridge, or vice versa. Ditto for scanning, as in scanning a document you wish to send elsewhere, without printing. Finally, being in China, almost everyone with an inkjet printer uses a UISS [universal ink supply system] that cuts costs of ink by 90\%, and reduces the nuisances of having to re-order and replace cartridges all the time. However, Kodak very carefully designed the ESP cartridges so that there is no clearance for the tubing that connects to the external bottles of ink.

I will try refilling the cartridges, but that will also require chip resetting. DOES ANYONE KNOW A TRICK FOR RESETTING THE PRINTER CARTRIDGES?
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I found some replacement chips and cartridges for pretty cheap. This may help, so someone has figured out how to purchase them and resell them or reset them.
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Joncris, your solution interests me!

But I don't think that I have really understood.

I've cut the line but the screen still told me to change the cartridges. So I've put the blade deeper and now the screen says : ink cartridge not recognized.

Can you join a photo of your chip?
Thank you!

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Yeah, I'm not too impressed with Kodak's ink rape.

I tried cutting the black line between dividing the chip but had no luck. Perhaps I didn't cut far enough?
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I tried cutting between the contacts on an invalidated chip until I cut so far the chip was “killed” no cartridge present warning. Thinking about it this method (if it works at all) would need to be done before the chip had become invalidated. The chip counts the number of times the print head moves then invalidates the chips after a set amount of movements. Thus if you stopped the chips ability to count and report these movements then it would never become invalid? I am not sure I would be brave enough to test it with a new cartridge, any takers? The other option is a chip re setter anyone know of one for a Kodak hero 5.1?
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Ok sorry thinking about it a bit more I believe this invalidation is a mechanical operation involving wearing away a contact on the chip or enabling a contact by shorting two contacts after a given number of passes? This means a chip re setter is not going to work. I have found a sit selling replacement chips that enable two uses of one cartridge. The chip has a carbon strip between the two contacts after using the ink once you remove the carbon and its good for one more use.
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Hate, hate, hate my Kodak printer for all of the above reasons and more. I started dating the cartridges when I replace them. I always print in "draft" and "black"--never use color and the color cartridge lasted only a month and a half. AND whenever I do want to print in color, red NEVER prints. I've set and re-set. Done! It's going out with the trash and I will never purchase Kodak again.
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I know the post is a little old but wondered if anyone had any new ideas, I have contacted Kodak and never have I had such poor customer service.....I don't don't don't want to print, just scan, all they can say is replace the carts, however I spent £80 on the original unit and it has been a pile of rubbish, however the scanner would still be useful. If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it, otherwise it is going to be covered in dog poo and posted to head
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Yes, this is an old post, but still no solution. It has been speculated that the ESP3250 chips count passes or pages printed, but I don't think that's the case. I may print just one page / month! And inevitably I have to buy new cartridges. They tell me my ink is low!. "OK", I thought, maybe it's drying out, so on my next purchase (at $25-$35 a pop!), I pulled the cartridges and stored them in air-tight, sealed containers, with cups of both water & alcohol (to saturate the air). A few months later when I inserted the ONE-PAGE-USED cartridges, I was told they were too LOW! Just to be sure, I broke into one and it was full of ink! I believe the chips are set to dates & passes (set to ROM chips in the printer itself. Has anybody tried re-setting their system date?). Thus Kodak is charging a printer TAX on their users, not providing a consumable product. If anyone has found any solutions or happy alternatives (I may go to Cannon -they've got chip setters) Please let us/me know. I'll update.
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Sounds like the best solution yet haha.
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I've tried the cutting in between the lines and have had no luck! I don't use my colored printer almost at all and I manage to always need to be replacing my colored ink! UGH! I know this is an old post but Kodak seriously needs to up their game.
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Sometimes the ink cloths in the ink output. You can put the cartridge above a pan with boiling water, the steam will dissolve the ink. Just let it there for a minute or two and clean the ink exit with paper towel. I've done it many times with HP cartridges.
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ok all interested parties it is true for the esp 3250 with the #10 cartridge if you create a gap in the carbon line it will cause the cartridge to be reported as full i just did it myself as a last ditch effort and it worked and yes the cartridge had already been deemed empty it sounds like maybe some people were cutting the line i used more of a scraping motion with the corner of a new razor blade not easy as the line is so thin but if go slow and check your progress using magnifying glass you will see what you need to do
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Daryl; You must sell cartridges for a living. You're saying: "Don't cut it, scrape it", while all the previous "cutters" said cutting is death. (If it's a dead -but refilled cartridge I guess you've got nothing to lose. Should you cut it before it registers as empty?) I looked at the gap between the gold plates with my jewelers glass, and there's nothing discernable there.

I popped off the chip: It is only GLUED at the corner. It has no connection whatsoever to anything regarding the level of the ink! If you glued a new chip to a WOOD BLOCK, and you'd get a report of full ink! A month later it would tell you it's empty.

Big Lots is selling a bunch of reconditioned printers. I'm running the model numbers to see which ones are refillable. Goodbye Kodak, You deserve to crash.
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I thought I was alone! I just replaced black and color cartridges 3 weeks ago and don't recall printing hardly anything. The indicators say I am almost out of ink. I am going to get rid of this printer very soon!!!! Perhaps when the ink runs out. WHat a scam. Also, for the company that pretty much invented cameras, you'd think they'd be able to make a printer that can print beautiful photos (as advertised), but the colors are faded and awful. Cheaper to print them at Walgreen's anyway.

Never again!!!
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Here's a possible option I'm going try before completely trashing the Kodak:

I read somewhere that the printer has a ROM chip that has to store the data from the cartridge chips. If you can find the battery and disconect it, it will clear the ROM and the cartridge will be treated as a new one. The problem I'm having is getting to circut board! That sucker is embedded & sealed, which leads me to believe the battery trick is the answer.

Finding re-fillable printers is harder than I'd thought. Cannon's using the chips now. Even their older, re-furbed models are "upgraded" with the new chip cartridges.
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I own 4 inkjet printers (2 Epsons, a Brother & Kodak 5100). 3 out of 4 are strait forward for refilling... Only the company that filed for bankruptcy is not easily refillable... They were the only company that spent millions advertising that they were cheaper per page than their competitors...

Now, I have found several aftermarket companies that offer replacement kodak chips but none seem to sell the chips without buying their ink kit... Here is just one (I haven't used their product nor do I have any interest in the company) ...

The kodak printer has served me well but at a high price... I don't need it as
It doesn't have AirPrint (aka iphone printing) so it gets used as a photocopier instead of using my Brother...I have little to lose and everything to gain so I think I'm going to try some radical experimentation today and see if I might solve this issue once and for all (at least for the EasyShare5100 users) ... I'm thinking, tin foil to the contacts, 11/2v to the chip (maybe to the mating cartridge cradle contacts too), rom battery disconnect...
I've already have tried every button combination imaginable while pulling the power or plugging in (& while on too)... I figured that kodak must have a test sequence that would with print out a page or reset the rom... I haven't given up hope on that but...

Btw, my 2 Epsons (Workforce 7010 & Artisan 1430) ink with refillable/resettable cartridges cost me less than 100$ for 7+ refills each and all I need is more ink to keep them going... I am quite happy with who I purchased the supplies from... I'm running a specialty ink in my workforce and it is only 10\% of the cost of name-brand competitor...
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I was having a similar problem attempting to scan with my ESP5250. I have an off-brand black cartridge which, after about 2 weeks, the printer started to not recognize. When I opened the tray where the ink is, I decided to cancel the search for ink. And it worked! I held down the cancel button while the printer was working, then the status bar said 'Cancelling'. After a short time, I was at the main menu, ready to scan.

Again, this is my experience with the ESP5250, so I am not certain that it will translate to the ESP3250, but it worked for me.
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I've been having similar problems with a Kodak 7250, which uses #10 cartridges. The post above by rstage works with my 7250 also. Allowing non-printing functions to work.
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I have a Kodak ESP 3.2S printer which displays the same issues.

After fitting new ink, after a period of time, say a month, ink levels reported by Kodak software and printer interface state ink is low, eventually forcing me to install new ink to continue using printer.

Now it's obvious that ink is not exhausted so they must be implementing some kind of time restraint rather than calculating how much ink has really been used.


Anyway, after reading this article I tried breaking the thin black line that's between the two gold contacts on the chip of each cartridge. Hey presto, printer now thinks ink is full and I can continue to use ink until it's print quality deteriorates indicating ink is really exhausted.

Very pleased!

So if you haven't tried this fix I would give it a go.

1. Wait till printer thinks ink has run out.
2. Remove cartridge and locate chip.
3. With the aid of an eye piece or magnifying glass and a sharp blade like a scalpel or small craft knife scratch at the thin black line that runs between the two gold coloured contacts on the cartridge chips.
You don't need to scrape much, just enough to break the circuit.
4. Replace in printer and note that printer now thinks ink is full.

This works on both the back and color cartridges.

Just remember to replace when print quality starts to deteriorate, indicating ink has really run out.

No more waisted ink!

by toob on Dec 6, 2013 at 5:00am Add comment
Mark; It worked for you this time. You may find at other times you'll get an error message stating to effect: "This is not an Ink cartridge". Admittedly the cut's worth a try as you've got nothing to lose. I suspect it works when the cartridge has never registered as "empty", just "low". I'm very curious as to whether this "cut" cartridge is still good when it's ink is re-filled from a kit. Please keep us informed. I still haven't found the RAM memory battery yet.
by Neander on Dec 7, 2013 at 11:52am Add comment
I found the battery inside ! It is actually right back behind the area where the cartridges go on top back right corner !! there is a little snap in door and it is under there ! Not sure if this worked yet till i get some new cartridges or get some other old ones with chips that have not yet been in my Kodak P.O.S. - BigD78
I have a Kodak esp 3250 and the cut chips don't work. I kept getting different messages about the color ink after they were cut and eventually it kept saying they were missing or incorrect.
by dannyv573 on Dec 19, 2013 at 8:24pm Add comment
Have not tried any solutions yet. Only 50 black prints and 10 color and its time to replace both. I have others quit even when not used after a 3 month VACATION. Seems they check the time of use as well as the quantity. But obviously they can't count.
Has anyone considered a class action law suit. I do not know how to do this but would definitely support?
by unknown on Jan 6, 2014 at 11:09am Add comment
Here is the url to a site where you can get information on the already-filed class action law suit. - leslie55
I tried the eHow instructions. There's no "Disable Status Monitor" option for my Kodak printer.
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I've "scratched" and cut the lines on my chip....did not fix. I went into services.msc and disabled the status monitor...did not keep "empty" ink cartridge from stopping the print. One other thing I did was swapped the chip from my "empty" black ink cartridge to my "full" color cartridge, and viola, now my color cartridge is empty and my black is full! Still wont print, because I can't force it to print black only. I did have one thing not mentioned occur which insures me we are getting ripped off. I disconnected the USB and simultaneously printed a windows test page...BOOM! perfectly printed test page in dark black ink from an "empty" cartridge! Freaking amazing! oh well, printers are cheap these days (even all in one printers). I will be flinging this one into the garbage, shaking my head and saying "Kodak, you got me once, you wont get me again as I go to buy another brand." Screw Kodak.
by unknown on Jan 29, 2014 at 11:34am Add comment
I found the battery inside ! It is actually right back behind the area where the cartridges go on top back right corner !! there is a little snap in door and it is under there ! Not sure if this worked yet till i get some new cartridges or get some other old ones with chips that have not yet been in my Kodak P.O.S.
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Thanks BigD78. I'll check out the location. I just didn't know what part to start cutting with the chainsaw. I'll go there first. - Neander
Thanks BigD78. I'll check out the location. I just didn't know what part to start cutting with the chainsaw. I'll go there first.
by Neander on Feb 18, 2014 at 8:33am Add comment
Hahahahaha !! I think mine will be hitting the range with some Tanerite !!
by BigD78 on Feb 18, 2014 at 7:54pm Add comment
why isnt there a class action law suite for falsely advertizing these products.???my c315 was fine out of the box but as soon as i had to update the software boom fist ahhhh my prison wallet.this was in 2012.i put two new cartridges in my esp c315 wich are #30's allinged the printer and cleaned the dam thing also printed the test page and half kodak...maybee since kodak has sold out to another company the new company dont want to deal with their old printers so this is how they work them out of service..i heard brother was the company that bought them out,but dunno if that is true..i have prolly 15 to 20 of eack #30's and they still have ink..use an electric scale and weigh them new and when pos printer says its empty...i dated each one also out of being pissed emails are answered and i have been sent several printer heads...they clean up and work fine with deionized water.just use very sorry to hear how many people are having issues also..
by unknown on Feb 21, 2014 at 11:37pm Add comment
There is a class action law suit. - leslie55
AmberNoel66 It worked? What/Which worked? The battery thing? I haven't tried it myself yet. Did you have any trouble cutting into the case?
Details Please..
by Neander on Mar 12, 2014 at 4:29pm Add comment
AmberNoel66; You got me excited, so I redoubled my efforts to get to the printer's battery. No cutting needed. I found that by detaching (press to right) the stop-lever, you can raise the cover enough to get to the screws in the back, and access the battery.

Did it and tried it. My results: Cartridges that showed 1/2 empty still showed up as 1/2 empty. I didn't find the battery removal trick to be the answer. I wanted 1/2 empty to look full & new so I can refill to my heart's content.

This tells me the answer is still on those d--n chips. Each chip has a mind of it's own independent of the printer.

There is a business selling replacement Kodak chips! Rather than a Kodak chip resetter. What gives with that? Will somebody smarter than me PLEASE take a look at the software on those chips and see what it takes to re-set 'em?

Another issue has been noted at the YouTube sites (bunches of 'em) is the color cartridge puts a clear-coat over the black. So you'll run out of color even if you NEVER use the color.
by Neander on Mar 13, 2014 at 12:41pm Add comment
We have bought asdas own ink for this printer looks likebit is better quality cheaper and it still says that it is full and have printed off about 60 - 70 pages so far :)
by unknown on Mar 13, 2014 at 4:59pm Add comment
KieranLee999; I googled ASDA Kodak and bought 4 of 'em at the first site that advertised $4.99 cartridges (C & BW!). If they can be bought that cheap, and the maker figured it was cheaper to glue on a "stagnant" but working chip, then our problems are over!

If this proves to be a solution I'll scream it's praises from the mountain-tops. 'Will update results as they unfold...

BTW: Does anyone else have to change their password every time they log on here? - Neander
It's truly a scam of large proportions.
How can you state/sell a product that promises huge savings on ink, then, short you on the proprietary replacements? And hold your printer hostage to boot!

I have contacted the Attorney General here in Illinois about this.
So far, nothing they can do. When they get a copy of these posts, maybe Lisa Madigan will get the ball rolling on this.
Do I have all of your permissions?
I'll take that as a YES!

G. Gettes
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I read all of this very carefully and decided it couldn't hurt to try to scratch in the middle of those 2 gold plates.... first I tried with a knife and then put the cartridge in and it still said color ink low - so I re-read this to make sure I was doing what I was supposed to and tried it again but used a box cutter... I was afraid to go to far so I didn't do to much and tried again - but it still said low ink so I knew I hadn't messed it up and I probably just didnt go far enough - you will know when your doing it right by the shaving there should be a little bit coming off and that time - it worked and I can now print what I needed to without having to go buy expensive ink I can order it and it not be a big deal to wait 4 or 5 days!!! SUCCESS!!
by unknown on Mar 19, 2014 at 1:19am Add comment
Well Folks, I'm history here. While plugging in my new 4.99 ink cartridges (NOT MY LINK!), I let the top fall back (loosened stop to get to battery) and it pulled loose the right-side ribbon-cable that can't be put back anyway I can figure. I'll never know how well the cartridges worked.

'Will mail cartridges(5) to first person here (in USA) that emails me their snail-mail address.

Walmarts got a Cannon PIXMA MG2520 for a piddling $39.00, and from what I can tell, the cartridges are REFILLABLE! Multiple refill kits are sold and the chip resetting is done on the printer itself!

Sure, the cartridges are initially more expensive than Kodaks, but in the long run I think it's going to be a better deal.

I'm never buying another Kodak product again, even if it's a Brownie Hawkeye.
by Neander on Mar 27, 2014 at 5:21pm Add comment
Likewise, can't scan when need to send off floor plans, also can't print in B&W with full Black ink cartridge, simply because colour cartridge low on ink- totally unreasonable! my Kodak printer is going in the bin and I'm never buying any printer products from a company that treats its customers so poorly.
by Noink on Apr 1, 2014 at 4:00pm Add comment
Something in this process seemed to get me able to print again after the black ink error.

1. Ctrl-alt-delete to bring up windows task manager.
2. go to services, find Kodak status monitor service
3. right click stop service.
4. got a message saying accesss is denied.
5. go to start bar at the bottom find kodak status monitor and right click exit.
6. try and print again.

good luck and f*ck kodak!

by justlikehoney on Apr 2, 2014 at 3:23am Add comment
Click Cancel instead of OK at the message. I can now scan without having to replace my color ink cartridge. Worked on ESP 3250.
by unknown on Jun 19, 2014 at 8:42pm Add comment
The now sells the chips for Kocrap... I mean Kodak printers by themselves. (without buying refill ink) I haven't tried them yet, I've been using compatible carts for 3 years or so. Refillbay is about $0.50 cheaper per cart.

Does anybody have any comments on 499inks... seems TGTBT.

going to try and scratch a chip on my 5250.

michael clyde
by michaelclyde on Sep 16, 2014 at 5:20pm Add comment
My 5250 color cart had just started the 'replace' message. I never got a 'low' warning it just went from 3/4 to near empty. It wouldn't let me print but said I could continue with non printing task (I guess that means scanning or editing pics)

After scraping the chip the color shows full and I was able to print in b & w. From now on I'll leave an empty color in there and when I need to print color I'll put a color that's been scraped that has some ink in it and then take it back out and put the empty back in.

Too bad Kodak is not around so i could ask them if they approve of this workaround to combat the lying, deceiving business practices they employ.

Too bad I didn't know better than to buy this in the first place.
by michaelclyde on Sep 16, 2014 at 8:45pm Add comment
2rJwUw I appreciate you sharing this article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.
by unknown on Jun 11, 2015 at 1:01am Add comment

kodak I'm buying new printer yours sucks...sorry but it does.

by [email protected] on Aug 23, 2015 at 5:35pm Add comment

Or there's this solution:

by SheilaVG on Sep 28, 2015 at 5:45pm Add comment

The only reason I keep the darn thing is because the ink is cheaper than Lexmark but now I'm wondering if it's worth it.

by SheilaVG on Sep 28, 2015 at 5:48pm Add comment

Just got a refill kit to fill up my 10b black Kodak cartridge to save some money, realized I needed a chip as well......!

Being the agricultural type I used my trusty penknife, not particularly sharp but it did the job, brilliant , thanks all!

by FARMER on Nov 9, 2015 at 12:27pm Add comment

Hi all,just taken my kodak esp 3250 printer to bits!

never seen so much black ink splattered inside!

Traced the chip contacts on the cartridge down to the conexant ic where it disappears inside.

Interestingly, both the colour and the black cartridge lines are on the same rail from the cartridges to the device, and the other side is ground!

I could be very wrong with this, but after very carefully breaking up the chips several times under a microscope... cannot see any electronics under the pads?!?


by zilog on Nov 10, 2015 at 9:41am Add comment

Hi all,just taken my kodak esp 3250 printer to bits!

never seen so much black ink splattered inside!

Traced the chip contacts on the cartridge down to the conexant ic where it disappears inside.

Interestingly, both the colour and the black cartridge lines are on the same rail from the cartridges to the device, and the other side is ground!

I could be very wrong with this, but after very carefully breaking up the chips several times under a microscope... cannot see any electronics under the pads?!?


by zilog on Nov 10, 2015 at 9:41am Add comment

Hi all,just taken my kodak esp 3250 printer to bits!

never seen so much black ink splattered inside!

Traced the chip contacts on the cartridge down to the conexant ic where it disappears inside.

Interestingly, both the colour and the black cartridge lines are on the same rail from the cartridges to the device, and the other side is ground!

I could be very wrong with this, but after very carefully breaking up the chips several times under a microscope... cannot see any electronics under the pads?!?


by zilog on Nov 10, 2015 at 9:42am Add comment

Hi all,just taken my kodak esp 3250 printer to bits!

never seen so much black ink splattered inside!

Traced the chip contacts on the cartridge down to the conexant ic where it disappears inside.

Interestingly, both the colour and the black cartridge lines are on the same rail from the cartridges to the device, and the other side is ground!

I could be very wrong with this, but after very carefully breaking up the chips several times under a microscope... cannot see any electronics under the pads?!?


by zilog on Nov 10, 2015 at 9:42am Add comment

I tried this and it just says "no color ink cartridge, please install."

by fuckKodak on Feb 3, 2016 at 6:54pm Add comment

How to use ESP3250 as scanner when cartridge needs replacing.

1) Download and install Windows Acquisition Wizard file name wiaacmgr.exe

2) When cartridge needs replacing comes up on the display Press CANCEL button

3) Launch Wizard to scan

It works for me using XP

by oldman on Mar 2, 2016 at 6:12am Add comment

From all-many response I'v read the conclusion is if you do not use your Kodak printer 3-4 times a week using color and black then you will have these problems and be forced to apply these solutions on Kodak printers. I do and have not had the problems listed. When I used and non kodak cattridge my ink head went out and it was difficult to order new one-thanks kodak. When my black ink recently acted odd-print on two pages -flipped over -w/n pfint unless I ckeaned the print head-soo I replaced the recent color one with another one and it's working now.

What I need is a dissamble printer schematic fir 5250.??

by blkshk on Jun 15, 2016 at 10:40am Add comment

I've now had two ESP 5250s die due to no black printing, and this even after new printheads and cartridges were fitted.

I cleaned the old printheads and pressured black ink through the jets. For completeness I did the same for the coloured inks, and they all appeared capable of working properly.

What surprised me was that the no-black problem was immediate and weak black. no partial letters, just nothing, instantly...and that made it feel like a logic problem.

You're right. A circuit's needed!

by ampersand on Oct 7, 2016 at 11:16am Add comment

All inkjet cartridges will have dried ink in the nozzles if left for extended periods without being used. This is not just a Kodak problem. Any inkjet printer will suffer from this. There are ways to attempt to unclog the nozzle. Soaking the nozzles in warm, shallow water for a couple hours can loosen the dried ink. There are other, perhaps better methods on youtube. Just go to youtube and do a search for clogged inkjet printer or something of that nature and you should be able to figure out the best method for your device.

by granth998 on Oct 15, 2016 at 5:48am Add comment

I've just done this trick on my ancient Kodak esp3250 and lo and behold it worked! I'm actually amazed especially as there were some negative comments as well as the many who had also found it worked. Definitely worth a try just be gentle, as others have said, nothing to lose!

by Joanna03 on Jan 26, 2017 at 3:45pm Add comment

Was able to override the low ink warning on my Kodak AiO 5500. Was getting it right away with a cartridge I bought from Cartridge World. I scraped right through the middle of the black line with the corner of a razor blade, being very careful not to touch the gold rectangles on either side while scraping deep enough to sever the circuit. SUCK IT KODAK!!

by blogan622 on Sep 23, 2017 at 10:11am Add comment