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LexmarkX544-Slowprinting between pages;largerfiles

Can anyone help?

I purchased a Lexmark X544DW a few days ago and have now set it up.

Problem: When printing anything more complicated than a Word Document (eg PDF file, colour photo) there are very long pauses between printing each page and there is a message 'Busy USB'.

I've done the following to try and remedy the printer problem:

1. Uninstalled Lexmark X544 Software in desktop, rebooted computer and reinstalled the software.

2. Downloaded the Firmware Update Utility 5.05. This seemed to download OK and when running the software the message was 'Firmware Versions Match' (LL.EL.P433, LU.AS.E308C, AFL.EL.S106); so I assume that the laser printer has the most up to date Firmware installed.

I tried printing larger files again (PDF, Photos) and the printer still takes ages between printing individual pages; with the message 'Busy USB'. These PDF and colour photo files are not too large (eg 2.93mb). My previous HP Inject Printer used to print these extremely quickly. The Lexmark printer seems to print Word Documents in a reasonably quick time.

Considering this new Lexmark machine is more expensive and more high-end it should handle these files no problem...

Any help would be appreciated. My feeling is that a £600+ machine should just plug and play.

Memory? Do you have Postscript? Try using a network connection for faster data transfer if you have it on the printer.
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Thanks....The printer ended up being faulty so they sent me a new one! - JamieKer46