asked Apr 3, 2011 at 11:05am
Canon Canon Pixma IP3000


Hi all, I cleaned my Canon Pixma ip3000 print head with denatured alcohol per instructions elsewhere on the site. Everything seemed to go fine during and after the operation. Documents and photos printed out beautifully.

Now it is about a week later, and I have not used the printer since that initial cleaning. I attempted to print a black and white text document, and the whole print head mechanism (not just the print head and ink cartridges, but actually the whole housing which contains them and travels horizontally along the metal bar as items print) is VIBRATING like mad! The mechanism grabs the paper and pulls it into the printer smoothly, but the printing itself is nearly non-existent. On the paper I get wispy green horizontal lines, and actual physical puncture gashes in the paper, in an even grid pattern across the paper.

Any suggestions?