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Hp HP LaserJet 2100

Flaw in Laserjet 2100 PS Driver - and a Workaround

I'm using the latest Postscript driver for the Laserjet 2100, which is quite old. The files contained in lj324en.exe are dated between 1996 and 1998. I'm running Windows 2000, and this driver is for both 2000 and NT. On the HP driver page for XP, there is no Postscript driver listed.

I've only tried this with PDF files. When I try to print a subset of the pages in a document, it only prints one sheet. It correctly prints multiple pages on a sheet if I request that, but it only prints one sheet, no matter how many sheets it should actually print.

This problem doesn't occur with the PCL drivers, but they print slower with PDF files, apparently because they send a lot more data to the printer.

My work-around is to use the Laserjet 2200 Postscript driver instead. (These driver files are dated 2000-2001, and are the same for Windows 2000 and XP.) It also sends fewer bytes to the printer than the PS driver for the 2100, and the pages look fine so far. It's possible that some files won't print properly with this driver, but I haven't used the 2100 long enough to find out.

Has anyone else run into this problem?
I had something funny happen yesterday. I recently acquired two Laserjet 2100's within a few of weeks of each other, and I loaded the first one with memory and added a Postscript SIMM. I hooked the second one up yesterday to test it, and once I knew it was working, I forgot about the printer swape, except for the "dead" rubber feed parts that forced me to feed paper one sheet at a time to keep it from shoving stacks of paper into the innards.

I was printing a PDF file, so I decided to use the Postscript driver rather than PCL. To my surprise, what came out were pages full of Postscript programming code! "Something's wrong with this thing," I worried, until I remembered that this printer had no Postscript card.

But at the same time, it's an interesting way to see the Postscript language code that's sent to a printer.
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