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Epson Epson Stylus Photo R2400

Epson R2400 with a few problems... please help

Hi !

I just got a FREE "broken" R2400 printer. I downloaded the service manual and the Epson utility.

First problem with the printer was the pads were FULL of ink and the printer was leaking. So I did clean all the pads and the printer, I also ordered new pads (to have a perfectly clean printer), a waste tank and I did reset the waste pads counter. After this, I have been able to print a sheet with all the colors and except for some lighter bands over the image, everything looked fines (except that one of the cartridge went completely empty so I couldn't print anymore).

Second problem, like I mentioned, almost all the cartridge were empty and the printer refused to printer because one of the cartridge was completely empty. I did order a new CISS kit with pigment inks. I received the kit a week later. When I installed the new system, I could not get all the colors on the paper and it looks like some of the heads were clogged (but I'm really not sure). So I removed all the cartridge, drop a few windex drop in the heads but even after a few cleaning cycles, sometime I got only some magenta and cyan ink, sometime just yellow ink on the sheet. I contacted the place were I bought the CISS and they said to wait a few hours to make the gravity do it's job. I'm really NOT SURE if it will works. I would like to know if there's any kind of damage to the printheads, but I'm not sure how to check this. I removed the heads (during the week I was waiting for the CISS kit) (I was really careful doing this operation), I softly & lightly cleaned some of the ink that was on it, then replaced it. I just hope I didn't caused this problem.

But then a third problem came, I have a problem with the paper feed mechanism. After testing the printer with a few dozen of sheets, the problem gradually appeared. It takes the sheet, it goes trough all the printer (with NO printing) then when the sheet is out of the printer, I get a "media out" error. I checked the small sensor that check for "present or absent paper" and the value I get from my multimeter are between the specs. I know the sensor works because when the sheet is passing thru the printer, if I press with my finger on the contact to "close" it (like if there was NO paper), the mechanism stop thinking there's no more sheet. I checked all the cables around for a few hours, disconnect and reconnected them, checked them with my multimeter... nothing.

So with this third problem, I can't solve the second.

I read the service manual but this problem is not mentioned anywhere. I just hope someone here can help me with this.

Thank you ! I know my post was a bit long, but I tried to explain the problems at my best.

wsimard, usually this is a paper feed timing error. Make sure that the rubber roller on the pickup assembly is clean and not smooth. If the leading edge of the paper hits the sensor in time all is well. Otherwise, the error you describe is bound to appear. Hope this helps.
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I think this maybe have to do with the paper detection assy. I have the normal voltage specs in the service manual, but this is a 3-pins connector and I don't know between witch pins I have to check it. Any clue ?

Thank you !
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For completeness, I'm going to fill in the answer to this question. At the header, pin one is marked, it's on the right. pin1 == the signal you are testing. pin2 == ground. pin3 == Vcc ~3.3V (mine measures 3.19V) By the specification, when no paper is present, pin1 >= 2.4V . When paper is loaded, pin1 <= 0.4V . However, the CD-tray door needs to be close or pin1 will always by <= 0.4V regardless of weather paper is loaded or not. - ciradrak
I hate this printer. I have had problems since I got it. I would say that I spend about 1/2 hour for each print I get out of it. Its major problem has been feeding paper. It keeps saying it is jammed , but it is not. I feed the paper in 5 to 10 times before I get it to print.

Now it says that I have the check all connections and the printer is not ready to print. I needed this printer to sell prints and I spend more time saying prayers and doing rain dances to make it work. It is far too temperamental to be commercially functional. I can't get it to print at all.

Everything is connected and on so I don't know what the hell it is talking about.

I wish I had never bought it. I would like to get a Canon instead.

Has anyone experiences wasting tons of time to no avail? I feel that this printer should never have been put on the market with its temperamental functioning.

Thanks to this piece of junk I missed out on sales this week.
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gwoodman, an additional thought. Many times the shaft upon which the pickup roller rides is not low enough to put pressure on the paper. It is a simple fix as the 2 clamps that hold down the shaft have an adjustment screw. However, in order to get to the clamps the top and front covers have to be removed. Hope this helps.
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