asked Nov 22, 2002 at 7:53am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple LaserWriter Pro

An aging circa 1993 LaserWriter Pro 630 that just went out for service due to the accordian fold jam on exit now is showing another issue on reinstallation of the printer onto the Appletalk Network. The machine powers up in the normal fashion, spitting out the startup page. The machine appears on the AppleTalk Network, but going through the Chooser to install on the Desktop, selecting the "Create" button, results in the spinning barber pole and the message "Status:Processing Job". This will continue indefinitely. Cancelling out of that mode, then back to the Chooser to reselect the printer and go into a manual configuration, selecting the correct PPD fo rthe machine will build the printer on the desktop. A single click, then Get Info, then Status and Configuration gives the message that some of the information is missing. Manually clicking the Update Info button gives the message "Querying printer information ---- status:busy;source:Ethertalk". This also gives the barber pole effect, again indefinite.
HP LaserWriter Utility will see the machine on the network, but will not allow to configure, in fact giving no information at all.

After the post processs, a startup page is produced, but the green LED continuously flashes as if there is a job waiting. I've ensured that paper is in both the cartridge and also the manual feed (I took a look through approx 135 past messages on this board looking for similar issues).

I might add I was going to order parts from this company, to fix the paper jam myself. Too busy, though. The printer was out (at an unnamed repair depot) for 3 weeks. Before I sent it out I had ensured that all else was well with the machine, and did an thorough clean as well as a minor internal clean. The machine was returned absolutely filthy, both inside and out. Lots of loose toner inside, toner fingerprints, toner smears on the outside. Other than the paper jam, no other issues before sending it out. I was printing test pages to it over the network during the troubleshooting both before and after the cleaning.

Pretty long winded...but I wanted to get all the info in. All help appreciated.....