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Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HPIIIP - toner cartridge drum

a piece of label got stuck around my toner drum. so, I was turning the gear (not easy) to rotate it to get off all the label and glue. Now, the paper is jamming when it goes to enter the toner. works okay with my old toner cartridge. did I mess up the assembly clutch? if I get the kit to fix it, is it easy to follow the instructions or do you have to be knowledgeable about the insides of a toner? or, have I messed up the drum anyway (don't think I scratched it but...) by rubbing off the label glue. If I have to get a new toner, is there anyway to get the toner powder out of this one and into my old one?
sorry this is so long...
Did you use Isopropyl Alcohol and get all the glue residue off? Then you need to wipe it off dry for each segment with a clean cotton pad. Rotate and do the next segment.
The cartridge is a bit tricky to take apart. There are 2 metal pins holding the 2 halves together and a spring. The tricky part is grabbing on the pins to pull them out. I use a small pair of diagonal cutters, but if the pins aren't sticking out enough to grab them, then you have to work them out. To do that, you use a small jewelers screwdriver to gently pry the pin upwards until enough is showing. Once you do that, the toner bin has a removable cap. Use a funnel and wear a mask to transfer the toner. It can get messy. Be careful to put the drum out of the light and be careful not to nick or scratch it.
If the drum turns easily after you clean it. Mark the edge with a magic marker. If the mark moves after it's powered up and you hear the motor turn, then the drum drive clutch is OK.
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I didn't use alcohol. how do you rotate the drum? I was pushing on the gears at the end of the drum, under the flap that covers it. that may be how I messed up the drive clutch. where on the toner are these pins?
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I don't know how you cleaned off label adhesive without alcohol. Anything else would damage the drum. You rotate the drum by opening the drum cover and turning the gear.
The pins are on the ends of the cartridge. You really can't miss them as they are the only thing that looks like pins.
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I used a kleenix to rub it off. of course, as I have been reading about toners, and had no idea how they operated, this was probably a stupid thing to do. the drum won't turn, it is stuck. it wasn't easy to turn to begin with but now doesn't want to move at all. so, if I take out these pins on the 'bad' toner cartridge, how do I get the toner into the old, functioning cartridge? do I take that one apart as well? are there any pictures of this cartridge on the site? diagrams of it apart, showing where stuff is?
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Well, those instructions are certainly not meant for a novice! Are those satellite photos? Before I attempt to figure them out, why won't the drum rotate? should it be able to? I am glad I didn't order the drum drive assembly. If these are the type of instructions and pictures, I think I may just have to buy a new toner.
But, back to those 'instructions':

#2 Remove the OPC drum (is that the green roller?) - where are the two screws? there are two screws on each side in a white thing. or are they talking about under the roller flap, on each inside end, by the gears at the ends of the green roller?

I really appreciate your helping me, Moe, and I am sorry to be getting so frustrated (I am). I am mad at myself for being such a jerk by trying to put a label back thru the printer when only one side printed the first time. and, I am frustrated by such high level instructions with lousy, unreadable pictures. I was fixing my sewing machine last week and they have great color photos of each area. I guess I just hope for more in 2011 than 1 X 1 figure drawings.
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so, I got the toner cartridge apart. I wiped off the green roller with alcohol and basically put it all back together. it didn't look like any gears were striped or anything obvious. but, the paper is still crinkling when it gets about 1/3 of the way into the printer, I am assuming when it starts to go into the toner cartridge. any thoughts?
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Did you follow the directions for checking the drum drive function?
From you description, it sounds like the drum drive assembly has failed.
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Hi sue,
If you mean put a mark on the gear at the end of the shiny green roller, yes and it didn't move. where is the drum drive assembly exactly? are those all the white gears on that side panel?
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The drum drive assembly are those gears on the right hand side that drive the large coarse gears on the drum. Fairly simple replacement.
One other thought is that the large coarse gear on the drum can become loose. It is simply glued into the interior of the drum. You may want to check to make sure that the drum gear itself is not loose and simply spinning in the drum when the printer is trying to print. I have seen that happen more than once.
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Yes. The drum drive assembly is on the top left of the gears. If you look at the end of it, there is a wire coming out of a square hole. If there is a crack radiating from that hole, then it won't drive the drum in the cartridge. I assume after your adventure, the drum is rotating freely? If it's seized and you put it in the printer, it will break that drum drive assembly.
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I am going to open up the cartridge again and have a look. I have an old toner cartridge (out of toner) that works. do you think I can take that gear-laden panel and switch it out with my broken one or should I attempt to pour the toner out of the plug area from the bad toner into the old one? I did get a mask for this whole job but it still sure makes a heck of a mess!!!!
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It just dawned on me that you have been referring to the gears on the toner cartridge the whole time. The drum drive assembly is under the panel on the right side of the printer.
As for switching cartridge parts, I had 2 bad IIIP cartridges this week and I Frankensteined them into 1 good one using the best parts from both and the toner from both.
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You are correct, I was only talking about the toner cartridge gears. I have an old toner cartridge and it works - it was just running out of toner. so, it is definitely (?) the toner cartridge that is having the problem (due to my idiocy). It seems like the green roller doesn't turn freely in the broken cartridge. I was thinking of putting the toner from the new cartridge into the old cartridge. however, the old cartridge is now printing with light gray bands on almost the whole sheet - probably due to my messing with it too. If I clean the green roller, will that solve that issue? Yikes!!!!!
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There's a cleaning blade much like a windshield wiper that cleans excess toner off the drum and puts it into the waste bin below. That's bad and can't be replaced. You want to use the one that doesn't streak, the drum that's good and the full toner bin. It's real easy to switch stuff once you have it apart. Just be careful not to damage the drums or expose them to direct sunlight. You can give them a case of sunburn.
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so, when you say drum, you mean the green roller (the scientific term)? so, basically, switch out the green roller since the new cartridge has the toner and the working wiper (I hope). I am having as much luck with this as I am having on the sewing machine. I've replaced three gears on that so far with two more in the mail. I don't know why I feel the need to try to fix things in this throw away society I live in!!! Oh, one last thing. I am not able to grab one of the pins on the old toner cartridge. how do you 'work it out'?
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Like I said. Put a jeweler's screwdriver down in the hole and pry up on it.
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I am taking a break for the evening. I've had enough for today! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. thanks again, moe and sue, for all your help.
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