asked Mar 7, 2011 at 11:34pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

3 printheads in a row dead, problem with printer?

I have an HP Officejet Pro L7780 that printed about 250 000 pages. I normally print around 50 000-60 000 pages per printhead but now 3 printheads failed after less than 10 000 prints.

Could this be a problem with the sealing system in the printer that caps the printheads when not printing?

Can it be fixed and is it worth it or should I get the new Pro 8500A or whatever it's called?

Getting new printheads would cost me $200 and they are likely to fail prematurely, Staples had the 8500A at $150 off but I don't know if it's still on special.

I can't imagine 3 heads failing with your track record unless HP has changed the manufacturing protocol of new printheads. The only other thing could be is the ink. Are you using HP or refills? A poor quality ink could cause the printhead to fail prematurely since the ink is responsible for cooling the printhead between pulses. The #88 ink is a dedicated ink for the colors.
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Ive never bought HP cartridges in the 250 000 prints I've done, I buy my refill ink by the liter and get it formulated for my printer specifically. I haven't changed the ink.

Is it likely the seals on the printer going bad? Should I get the new 8500A? I check and it's still at $150 off for a week.
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In my experience, (22 years in business), HP does not significantly improve replacement printers. So, I can't say that the 8500 would be any better. In fact, there are terrible reviews for the 8500 Pro on the internet so you may be trading one problem for another. You may want to check with you ink formulator. You may not have changed anything in the ink you purchase, but the formulator may have. It is not unusual to have an excellent supplier and then something goes south because of new employees, their suppliers, etc.
With your printing volume, I can't see how failing seals in the park position could have any impact.
By the way, what are the symptoms of the failed printheads?
Missing printed lines or rejection of the printheads?
Are both printheads failing at the same time?
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Based on a lot of investigative work on HP printers that use the 10/11/12/88/940 cartridges, I'm confident you do not have a seal issue that would cause the print heads to fail. I am discovering that air in the cartridges that finds it way to the print heads can be a big problem. I originally thought that the cartridge bulb pump could "reprime" the print heads and remove the air, but I'm not so sure that is possible (air is going to be trapped at the top of the print head ink chamber). There are some tricky processes that can reprime the printheads, so consider them if you want. Be sure you remove all the air from the cartridges if you refill them yourself. Maybe you were in a rush on some of the refills and sealed the refill port with a lot of air still in the bladders.

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